Jerry's BBQ Marinade

Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and BBQ Marinades

Jerry's BBQ Marinade

Jerry's Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade This "Old California Homestead" is perfect for chicken, flank steak, or skirt steaks and so much more.

Jerry's Slice Off The Gril BBQ Sauce

This "Old California Homestead" is a BBQ Sauce Classic

We are excited to add more regions of BBQ to our store. This one comes from the West coast, where BBQ has a story that Jerry made his own. We are excited to now be carrying yet another “Micro” sauce and as always, we love to share the story behind the sauce. Good BBQ is all about good marinades, rubs, sauces and injections and we are happy to announce the addition of Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade is now available at BBQ Pro Shop.

Our mission is to bring all of the secrets of good BBQ and all of the tips, tricks, products and the best in BBQ to all corners of the world. When we got the opportunity to work with Jerry, we jumped at the opportunity to bring in a sauce that is native to California grilling and BBQ that also has a marinade that can be used to spice up anything. Jerry started as a griller and has since become a “smoker” and a lover of all things BBQ.


In the 1950s, the weekend backyard barbecue was a symbol of postwar prosperity and family life. Our ritual began in the kitchen of my family’s “old California homestead” depicted on the barbecue sauce and marinade labels, with Mom preparing the sauce while Dad readied the grill.
Mom’s sauce was a marinade, delicate and delicious, the perfect perk-it-up for chicken and flank steak, which were Dad’s specialties. Commercial sauce? I didn’t know it existed, and I was so attached to Mom’s that when I got married and moved out, I began making my own. My goal was to duplicate hers and improve on the flavor and consistency—if that were possible.
Over the years, the marinade evolved, along with the barbecue grills themselves that moved from charcoal to propane to my milestone birthday present of a prized smoker. The birthday party was “Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill,” my own restaurant for a night. Guests begged for more of my barbecue marinated chicken and smoked brisket and ribs. Lots of sauce was served at the table for those who wanted additional zip.
“Bottle it,” said my wife, and since then I’ve made gallons of the marinade recipe, to the delight of family, friends and colleagues.

Their only suggestion was to make it thicker, a challenge to accomplish without changing the flavor, but ultimately I developed the right formula. A food scientist was consulted, science samples were made, and my original critics were called on for blind taste tests. The result is a choice of marinade or sauce, both with a unique tangy sweet flavor and a little kick, reminiscent of the barbecues of my childhood at the old homestead.


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