Wine Country Chef All Organic Spice Rubs

Chef Harold of Wine Country Chef recently stopped by the BBQ Pro Shop and inquired about our interest in selling his line of Spice Rubs. BBQ Pro Shop always is looking for rubs and spices that are unique and have flavors that are hard to do on your won. The other thing we look for are spices that are hard to find and when you do find them, you cannot live without them! Wine Country Chef’s line of Spice Rubs meets all of that criteria and goes above and beyond! These are great for grilling and probably could find there way into stews, salads, soups, grilled veggies and other tasty home cooked favorites.

As a rule, we always try everything that we sell and when we are going to commit to a new line of product, we like to make sure that we find it unique and scrumptious enough to stock it in our own cabinet. So we put the three different rubs on some burgers and put it to a taste test. Here are our descriptions and in the store, you will find what Wine Country has to say.

Wine Country Chef Organic BBQ Spice Rub

BBQ Spice Rub

Wine Country Chef Organic BBQ Spice Rub: This one we threw on a burger. Our son loves to eat them without the bun, and so we put it to the Harry test, is it too overpowering for a kid? Answer, no. It had a nice peppery taste without being “spicy” as Harry likes to say but provides the right amount of subtle pepper flavor. It does have a bite, no kick, but you definitely know there is something special on it. There were a lot of flavors going on, tasted great on a burger, would love to try it on a steak or some other beef. Rub it on all cuts of meat and vegetables, grilled or roasted. Mix it with meatballs and hamburgers. Add to soups and stews for that natural rich and warm and spicy flavor!

Wine Country Chef Spiced Mustard Rub Organic

Spiced Mustard Rub

Wine Country Chef Spiced Mustard Rub: This one was a real winner in more ways than one. Gretchen sort of ruled this one out from the beginning, almost didn’t want to try it. But after I bit into that first bite of chicken breast, she gave it a try. Wow! Again, subtle flavors all around, nothing was overpowering. There was a bite of spice in it, and a great flavor of mustard that really made this something unique. Trying this on some grilled salmon is going to be a must in the very near future. Not sure what it is, but all of the organic spices we have tried are just perfect, as they do not overtake the meat!  Organic Blend of Herbs and Spices to Warm Up Your Recipes! Rub it on lamb,spare ribs,chicken, and salmon. Add to dressings, stews, and soups.

Wine Country Chef Lemon Pepper Rub

Lemon Pepper Rub

Wine Country Chef Organic Lemon Pepper Rub: Since reading Soaked, Slathered and Seasoned, we have been using fresh lemon juice as a base of a lot of our chicken marinades. We just think that lemon goes great as a base for marinades. This spice has some very friendly citrus undertones. The pepper is more of an after taste that let’s you know it is there, but doesn’t leave a lot behind. Again, great aroma is added while you eat and the flavor in every bite made this one another winner. A lively blend of herbs and spices that will wake up your recipes! Rub olive oil on chicken,rub with lemon pepper rub,oven roast or grill. A perfect addition to pasta sauces, and compound butters.

We love the message and mission behind Wine Country Gourmet Rubs. Our mission at Wine Country Chef is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers. We take great pride in what we do, our commitment to customer service and in the products we develop. We grabbed some information about Chef Harold who is currently sharing his knowledge and humor as a demonstration chef at the Culinary Institute of America in St Helena, California. Chef Harold’s love for the creative process, boyhood memories of his Zia Assunta’s kitchen, and 15 years of culinary experience have led Chef Harold to the creation of Wine Country Chef. Chef Harold’s gourmet rubs and marinades offer the at-home chef the opportunity to capture the essence of the wine country in his or her own kitchen by skillfully blending a sense of time and place with flavor and memory infused with wine country flair.

He hits it out of the park! Enjoy!

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