American Spirit BBQ: Thanks our troops with love!

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Serving up BBQ for our Fighting Men, Woman and Families

Even if you do or do not support the war, I am a firm believer in supporting our troops. The sacrifice that these men, woman and families make for our freedom to BBQ and live safely is incredible. They keep my family safe from harm and give so much that I am hoping you will look deep in your heart and give too! If you are a fan of the Big Green Egg, or BGE, you will love what Peter Benac is doing for the troops at American Spirit BBQ Peter cooks on BGE’s for the troops and through donations from people like you, serves delicious BBQ to the troops and their families by throwing BBQ’s at military bases. Please click on the link and support him as he BBQ’s for our troops. Below is what this great cause is all about in his own words:

The What: Whenever the military decides to hold a party for departing or returning troops, or hold a family day we stand ready to cater that event with some great BBQ. The BBQ we feed the troop is the very best we can make and hopefully above and beyond anything they have ever eaten. They deserve nothing less.

The Where: Due to monetary restrictions we mainly support our troops at bases up and down the east coast. Like our sister organization on the West Coast BBQ For Our Troops, we’d love to be able to reach out to where ever our troops need us. However, both organizations depend on donations from the American Public. As we all know money is tight for most Americans. Hopefully someday soon our economy will improve and both organizations can flourish.

The How: Like I eluded to in the last paragraph we are able to provide our services through donations from the American public. If you want to help you can donate financially buy going to American Spirit BBQ’s home page or you can donate materials we need. The list of materials we need can be found under the link on the main page under Stuff Needed If you are a BBQ’r and want to help cook we sure could use it. Helping to setup for service and serving assistance is sorely need as well. I try to keep the Upcoming Events updated.

The Why: I grew up in the Vietnam Era. I am a veteran, but not of the Vietnam war. I served my country just after the war for almost 8 years. This was a time where our military was not seen in a good light. The war was blamed on them and not those in power at the time. I was proud to be a veteran, but ashamed to let people know I was. When I was first asked to help at a BBQ for Our Troops event I jumped all over it. When the Marines we were feeding found out I was “ex-Army” THEY thanked ME for my service. It wasn’t long before I realized that people outside the military started doing the same thing. Being a Veteran wasn’t a bad thing anymore. Those young Marines opened my eyes. I am no longer “Ex-Army”. The Marines got it right. I am Former Army and proud of it.

Support American Spirit BBQ

Serving up BBQ for our Fighting Men, Woman and Families

The second half of this related back to my time in the service. Nobody thanked me for my willingness to lay my life on the line so they could be free to hate me. I am determined that those who currently serve get thanked. Such a simple thing to do, and by the reaction of the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines we have feed, one that is greatly appreciated.

Now you know!! Please help.

Here are some photos of the troops and families at one of Peter’s events!

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