BBQ Pro Shop: Grilling Gear Giveaway for Facebook Fans!

BBQ Pro Shop is participating in a huge Grill Gear Giveaway that you may want to check out by clicking here.

The Giveaway is now underway that envolves eleven brands, 21 products and an estimated value of over $323 dollars! Here are the highlights of what is involved in the giveaway and what the prizes are. So make sure you like us on Facebook, and get all the details here.
  • 3 bags of smoker wood
  • 2 bottles of bbq sauce
  • 9 bottles of rub
  • 1 grilling plank
  • 4 specialty grill grate sections – 2 hard anodized aluminum & 2 cast iron
  • 1 ebook
  • Your choice of $25 of jerky
  • 1 BBQ apron
  • and more

Support BBQ on the web and get in there, should be fun!

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