Myron Mixon: Jack’s Old South Smokers

Myron Mixon Jack's Old South Smokers, now for sale.

Saw a tweet over the weekend that Jack’s Old South Smokers are now being sold by founder Myron Mixon. Pork Phat Posse, my official KCBS BBQ Team cooked last Memorial Day in Westmont, IL and the team next to use used one of Myron’s smokers. He gave us a tour and it was very impressive. He showed up the morning of the competition and fired that baby up and did his hot and fast brisket and it was pretty impressive to watch. Some really good looking smokers and exciting to see that this method now has a few official smokers to choose from. Here is what the site reads:

I’m Myron Mixon, the winningest man in competitive BBQ. Since beginning my career in 1996 I’ve cooked on one style of smoker. An indirect water cooker. You tenderize your meat while you BBQ. The best of both worlds. I’ve developed my own line of water smokers that are well built and utilize the benefits of steam and smoke to a new level of BBQing. We offer fully insulated models and semi-insulated units. There are smokers that will fit every BBQ enthusiasts needs and price range.

For more information you can email the here. If you own one or have any feedback on one, please add a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Myron Mixon: Jack’s Old South Smokers

  1. Dr. Donald Grim

    Why can I not find a sight that shows the models and prices. How do I buy one when you never show the models and costs!

  2. jfb Post author

    We are not lucky enough to be able to sell Myron Mixon’s Smokers, you can find them on his site though!

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