Myron Mixon – BBQ Pitmaster with Style!

Myron MIxon -  Jack's Old SouthOk, so I tuned into the first episode of BBQ Pit Masters on TLC and I must say that although it has hints of being overly dramatized, overall it was very entertaining and I loved the suspense of the awards ceremony and all the trials and tribulations of the various pitmasters. They had a great slice of total rookies, to great competitors all the way down to the team from California who were competing in a tourney with a couple of Weber Smokey Joes! Although I have never competed in a KCBS event, I have done a small local tournament once and found that the key ingredient to it all is this fellowship and friendly competition that surrounds an event like this.

There was quite a bit of chest thumping as well as a whole mess of ego in this first episode which was a little disturbing as I had hoped that they would capture the ying and yang of that love of BBQ and competition and not who was the best. But heck, with $10,000 at stake for the Grand Champion I suppose that for some, this is business and pride mixed in with the thrill of the competition.

I was totally mesmerized by Myron Mixon, of Jack’s Old South, who had more beeping in his private interviews and a style all his own! First off, loved his custom made grills, if anyone know whether he makes his own, would love to know. His style was the think that just dropped my jaw and let’s face it, he won the tournament so he BBQ’s to win and I just love that. First of, cooking on brickets with lighter fluid, and not just a squirt, I am talking lighter fluid! Johnny Triggs expressions were priceless and the fact that it did effect the flavor of the food, is a testament to his style.

Thought that this episode was a lot of fun and I look forward to watching some more. My hope is that rather than following the same people for tournament after tournament that they will spread their focus. There are just so many styles out there and when the end result is incredible BBQ, that is the magic of this sport!

10 thoughts on “Myron Mixon – BBQ Pitmaster with Style!

  1. James

    Myron Mixon is an Arrogant A**Hole and I think TLC should pick their “Reality Stars” a little better because this guy is a JERK and if I ever ran across him I would probaly bitch slap him

  2. BBqKrazy

    Ya I thought so to but in BBq you Have to have attitude, Bitch slap a whole hog and some ribs
    and u 2 can be a nice guy but then you probely
    never got out of the back yard..(must be from N.Y)

  3. Scott

    Myron Mixon makes the show. While watching I can’t wait to see what he will say or bleep next. Behind his a**hole personality he’s probably a down home good guy and is the kind of guy you love to hate. To quote Kid Rock… “It ain’t bragging m***er f***er if you back it up!”

  4. Dog

    I have only been watching this show for 5 minutes and I already hate that guy. He injects his meat. No, thanks. I would throw him out of every competition if he injected his meat. Not to mention the fact that it sounds like he is only concerned about making money.

  5. Sermon

    Myron Mixon is fantastic. He is a teacher and professor of BBQ. He is serious. This isn’t a game for him, it’s his life. I wrote to him once on his website and he returned a very friendly email thankful I enjoyed him on the show and encouraged me to watch the new season. The email was full of good energy. But when he’s reviewing the BBQ of course he’s going to be bluntly honest and hard on the cookers, he’s the best there is. Although I might add I think Johnny Trigg must also be fabulous. Johnny seems more laid back and relaxed, Myron is right in your face, he doesn’t mince his words, but he is forthright and honest. I believe he is an amazing judge and the whole power of the show. I think Johnny Trigg being a judge with Myron would be fun to watch, because watching competition for years it seems they are the best. I think part of their success comes from their wives. They seem so supportive and happy to be around their husbands. Yeah, Myron Mixon is a gentleman and very nice. But when he’s a judge he even tells you – some people may not be happy if he doesn’t like their cooking. That is how a judge should be. I’ve read part of Myron’s book – I think it’s his new one Everday Cooking. You can tell he’s got a great attitude, but he’s serious. I bet if you went to his cooking school he wouldn’t be hard on you – really hard, but I bet you’d learn a lot about cooking and BBQ. If I had the time and money I would definitely go to Myron Mixon’s cooking class. Just looking at his food you can tell he knows what he’s doing. GO MYRON!!

    Open up something in Southern California – we need some good BBQ out here San Bernardino!!

  6. Sermon

    Oh correction – I believe if you went to his cooking school – he WOULD be hard on you – really hard, because he wants you to succeed and I bet you’d learn an amazing amount of information on cooking. His book of what I read is very informative, easy to understand, smart. He really is the best. OH and it’s EVERYDAY BARBEQUE. I wanted to make that correction. The first two chapters are amazing. I’m going to pick it up soon. People should realize he really is the best in BBQ. Please come to California – San Bernardino on Hospitality because you would fit in on that street for sure.

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