Oakridge BBQ: Habanero Death Dust

Oakridge BBQ

Picture of me in Murphysboro next to the Oakridge BBQ Banner

We absolutely love Oakridge BBQ Products, they are the highest quality and have a flavor profile that is tough to beat and always compliments the meat and smoke in a way that really makes them worth using. While at the Murphysboro Cook-Off we saw a few teams sponsored by them and I took a picture by one of the banners. So when we came across @eatmoreheat Reviews Oakridge BBQ Habanero Death Dust we wanted to make sure that we shared this awesome review with you and today is the official release date of this limited edition Habanero Death Dust from Oakridge BBQ! We have three of the limited edition rubs at 6 oz of death per package, click here to buy them now!

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