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Dave Raymond at 2011 Murphysboro “Praise The Lard” Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hirsch

Over the weekend we received an email annoucement from Dave Raymond, someone who is a Chicago BBQ Legend, with two restaurants, a new catering company that is getting incredible reviews and a competition BBQ team! Dave Raymond aka “Sweet Baby Ray” is now blogging about all things BBQ and promises a new post each week! Dave is someone we know and respect, so please have a look at his blog, the link is at the bottom of the announcement.

Hello one and all
I decided to e-mail instead of call
Barbecue, it’s our thing, it’s what we do
We are starting a blog, so we can share with you
We will have a story or article at least once a week
I hope we don’t have to slow down when the barbecue season hits its peak
We will start out with the team from Sweet Baby Rays
Once a week, new stuff we will write every 7 days
We will talk about barbecue and share with you what we know and do
I also will talk about barbecue friends, maybe even you and you too.
I am looking forward to getting our blog off the ground
To help me stay in touch with my friends whom do not all live in Chi-Town
One of our notions and part of the plan
Is to let you all know in Chicago we barbecue, yes we do, yes we can
I will include some information, so you will know
Please be on our list, read and enjoy and watch our blog grow
Thanks for your time, thank you one and all
Our Blog can be found at ~ http://sbrbbq.tumblr.com ~

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