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Adam’s Smokehouse – St. Louis MO – BBQ Pro Shop Review

Adam’s Smokehouse is the most recent offspring of St. Louis BBQ Parents, Pappy’s Smokehouse and Bogart’s and from what our St. Louis BBQ Minion tells us, up to par with the old folks! The website is simple as is the menu and their “theory”.

Adam’s follows the same barbeque theory as its sister stores, Pappy’s and Bogart’s: Low and slow is the way to go! All meat is slow cooked to perfection, and our sides offer just the right selection to complement the main event, whichever that may be for you- our amazing smoked ribs, delicious pulled pork or another one of our smokey and savory barbeque masterpieces.

Here is the report from the front lines filed over the weekend.

So we took the plunge and made a large carry-out order from Adam’s Smokehouse to celebrate my parents closing on the new house. It was our first time trying their Q and I have to say I was pretty impressed over all.

I’m just going to jump right in with my review of the meats…

Ribs – outstanding flavor, tooth, tenderness, rub, and quality of meat. Moist but not greasy.

Another Fine BBQ Joint in St. Louis is born! The Image courtesy of Feast - St. Louis

Another Fine BBQ Joint in St. Louis is born! The Image courtesy of Feast – St. Louis

Rub and glaze did not fight each other for supremacy so there was a lot of flavor. Excellent meat quality with a LOT meat on each bone. Even the silverskin was paper-thin and tender. Two full racks went up in smoke. Kids and grown ups alike devoured them..

Brisket – moist, tender, great pink coloring and gently flavored. Always my baseline test for a Q joint, I thought the Adam’s brisket was just lovely. Thin sliced, slightly smoky and not at all dry.

Pulled Pork – good flavor, perfectly smoked, and plenty moist. The pulled pork was particularly good with the carolina mustard sauce. But as good as it was, the pork was probably my least favorite. But that’s only because the other three were so damn good.

Which brings me to the burnt ends.

Burnt Ends – among the best I’ve ever had. They were perfectly smoked, slightly sweet, absolutely dripping with moisture, and held together in actual cohesive chunks of meat. So many times you order burnt ends and you get a pile of meat crumbs. But not here. This was actual solid ends that fall apart only when you bite into them. An amazing mouthful that doesn’t even really need sauce. It’s that good in it’s own juices.

Sides – Good cole slaw and very good pit beans. I suspect they use the same technique as Bogart’s to get the brisket drippings into the beans.

All of the meats were very high quality cuts. Nothing cheap about them.


The Official BBQ Pro Shop St. Louis BBQ Minion

Address and Website:
Adam’s Smokehouse, 2819 Watson Road, Clifton Heights, 314.875.9892,
Facebook Page:

Image courtesy of Feast – St. Louis, read what they had to say here:


As a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern, seeing the growing success of the Jimmy Kimmel is just a clear indication of how hard this guy works for it. This past week, Jimmy Kimmel and crew were in Austin and they visited some of the best in Austin BBQ, well at least the newer BBQ Joints on the scene. Here is a funny video of their BBQ tour. Having done the Austin BBQ Tour last year, can totally appreciate the work it takes to eat that much BBQ in one day!

Meet Ubon’s: The BBQ Sauce that built a restaurant!

BBQ Pro Shop has been carrying Ubon’s BBQ Sauce since it was bottled and mass distributed a couple of years back. We first had Ubon’s BBQ at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in NYC a few years back, and the pulled pork was legit! So when we got a chance to carry Ubon’s BBQ Sauce we jumped at the opportunity. Here is a great video that tells the story. This video comes from a great new BBQ show. The Travel Channel picked up BBQ Crawl, a great series from Danielle Bennett Dimovski aka @divaQ which is about as real a host as you can find when it comes to fun, energy and bringing the BBQ love! Enjoy!

Austin BBQ Roadtrip Day Two: Franklin Barbecue

Franklin's BBQ, on line for an early lunch. Aaron Franklin chats it up and drinks his morning espresso.

Franklin’s BBQ, on line for an early lunch. Aaron Franklin chats it up and drinks his morning espresso.

After stopping it at the Taco Xpress, for some breakfast taco’s and some food to keep us satisfied, we headed to Franklin Barbecue and arrived in line at 9:15 AM. Franklin’s claim to fame is that they open their doors at 11a and stay open until they are sold out, oh and also that they have the world’s finest Texas Brisket! So they usually run out of food around 2p as the sign says. Our timing was perfect, we were amongst the first 25 people in line and that got is in the door on the first shift. The line just grew and grew as we waited there, people joining people holding spots and the beverage lady coming through the line to serve drinks. The wait was half the fun, and a little tip, you can use their bathroom.

The first person from Franklin’s we met was a really Sweet young lady who came through to gauge our order as to how much, brisket, pork, ribs and sausage you would be interested in having. It is first come serve so she takes your order and then let’s you know whether there will be any left by the time you get inside. Not an issue for us, more of an issue for the folks closer to the end of the line.

We were lucky and got inside at 11a, waited another 20 minutes and was happy to see Aaron Franklin enjoying his morning espresso and watching over the first cuts of brisket hit the trays. We went with a pound of brisket, 1/4  LB of Turkey and pulled pork, two hot links and a pound of spare ribs and went to work. The surprise of the meal and not to be missed is the smoked turkey, we surmised that we may have been the first to order it and we got a fresh breast that was just amazing, nice blend of pepper, salt and smoke, with a delightful bark. Don’t miss it, we shared it with some line mates who made the mistake and they had the same reaction.

At Franklin's BBQ, the brisket is awesome, but their Turkey could change Thanksgiving dinner for the masses!

At Franklin’s BBQ, the brisket is awesome, but their Turkey could change Thanksgiving dinner for the masses!

The pulled pork was awesome as well, salty, smokey with a hint of pepper and moist. Moist seems to be the seem at Franklin’s, how they do it, I do not know but all our food was tender and didn’t dry out as we ate it. The sausage casing had such a snap and a great flavor. Now the spare ribs had a great bark and a peppery smokey flavor with tenderness that made it easy to separate meat from bone. No falling off, but pulling off was just a delight and an awesome flavor.

Last but not least was the brisket, we asked for fatty and the bark, oh the bark was just amazing. The brisket was not like anything we have tasted thus far in Texas. It was light, fluffy and literally had the consistency best compared to a good birthday cake. The crusty bark mixed with the light and tender meat that was airy and so moist. The bark has a pepper flavor which is the most predominant flavor and it was worth every second in line to taste this Pit Master’s handy work.

Finally, Franklin’s has sauce and the Espresso BBQ Sauce, which is evidently taken from Aaron’s love of a good espresso is the perfect companion to his brisket. Highly suggest taken a few bites on it’s own, but then give that BBQ sauce a try, the mix of the coffee and the black pepper is just not to be missed. Had an almost chocolate under tone and was a pleasant surprise.

Enjoy the photos from the Austin BBQ Roadtrip on BBQ Pro Shops Flickr Page

Bogart’s Smoke House – Another St.Louis BBQ Gem!

Hats off to Chef Skip Steele and the rest of the Bogart’s Smoke House Crew for bringing yet another BBQ masterpiece to St. Louis. My St. Louis family Donna and Jeff introduced me to Pappy’s Smoke House where I met Skip and toured the smoker with them. So when I read about Bogarts in the June 2011 Issue of Food and Wine Magazine as one of the Best New Barbecue Restaurants, Jeff and Donna were dispatched to Bogarts and found more BBQ heaven in St. Louis.

On our way to the Murphysboro 2011 Barbecue Cook-Off we determined that a lunch at Bogarts was in order, too much BBQ is just

Pit Baked Beans with Nuggets of Burnt Ends Nestled into the Sweet Goodness

enough. We arrived at Bogarts prior to the lunch rush at 11a and were greeted by Skip Steele at the door who was sharing ribs with the city workers and fire fighters who stood in line with us. The rib sample was sublime, tender and smokey with a crust that is a signature of Bogarts. The crust is created with a roofing torch that is blazed over the ribs to finish them! (See the photo of Skip in action.) Well worth a taste.  While we waited in line, Skip brought me a small sample of hot pastrami right off the slicer and I was in love!

We ordered three sandwiches, the Smoked Pastrami, Smoked Prime Rib and a Brisket which I had determined to be the three things to try since the ribs were out of the way. I also got outside my comfort zone and ordered the Pit Baked Beans. They are cooked directly under the brisket drippings in the smoker with bits of brisket burnt ends smothered in for good measure! What a treat for a confessed baked bean virgin. A memorable first time to say the least.

Thinly sliced Smoked Pastrami, "Heaven on Rye"

The Smoked Pastrami is thinly sliced on a marble rye that is locally baked and procured to compliment this tender, salty masterpiece. The brine creates a perfect pink color and taste balanced out with just the right amount of fat which is required on a good piece of pastrami. Another unique preparation worth mentioning is the slicers that Bogart’s has going behind the counter. All of their sandwiches are sliced in something that is unique to most BBQ joints I have seen that use knives. This makes the pastrami is thinly sliced and well worth the trip.

The beef brisket was fantastic, great little smoke ring fills it with BBQ flavor and tender like brikste should be. It is served on a special bun made by the same bakery that does the rye bread with a consistency that compliments the well flavored meat. Skip has a mastery of brisket and a unique cooking style that makes it almost medium well and not over cooked. The slicer adds the finishing touch, slicing it thin enough that there is plenty of flavor and a perfect amount of fat!

The final item I tasted was the Smoked Prime Rib, we had to try this one as it was all about the unique at Bogarts. I had not had

Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich with Billy Goat Chips and Slaw on the side.

smoked prime rib at a BBQ joint and this did not disappoint. It was definitely different from the brisket with some delicious grilled onions on top of the sandwich, but was just a little dry for my liking. It was also very difficult to erase the pastrami from my memory and tough to top the flavor.

Final Words: The Smoked Pastrami is a must try and in my opinion, the house specialty. Loved the place and please don’t miss the small batch St. Louis made Billy Goat Chip Company Potato Chips. Use the chips for dipping into the beans, you will be glad you did. The sauces were a lot of fun to try as well. Make sure you check out Bogarts when you are in town and support this new St. Louis BBQ gem!

Bogart’s Smoke House
1627 S. 9th St., Soulard