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BBQPROSHOP.COM: 2012 NBBQA Awards of Excellence Winners

2012 NBBQA Awards of Excellence is Proud to Support our NBBQA 2012 Award of Excellence Winners!

Each year the NBBQA rolls out the entry forms for various BBQ Products to be submitted and assessed in their annual assessment of Awards of Excellence. In 2012 we are very proud to have been supporters of their winners and we wanted to take a moment to recognize their products and share their success with all of our fans! Congratulations to all of the winners.

This year Big Butz BBQ, Sweet Swine O’ Mine and Sam Dog BBQ all took home awards for their sauces and others for their rubs. We are big believers in supporting whomever has products that we love and most of all, has products which promote the love and respect of barbecue. Hill Country BBQ is a big supporter of our Mentor Elizabeth Karmel and we wanted to make sure they both got a mention as well. A big thanks to all the hard work that these people put into their products and we are always looking for the best new thing, feel free to Contact Us if you have something we should be carrying!

2012 NBBQA Awards of Excellence Winners (click to Download Full PDF)

Barbecue Sauce – Tomato Mild
Fourth Place – Big Butz BBQCranberry BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Sauce – Mustard Mild
Sixth Place – Sam Dog Barbecue – Yellow Dog Sauce

Barbecue Sauce Vinegar Mild

Fourth Place – Sweet Swine O’ MineSweet Sauce O’ Mine Original

Barbecue Dry Rub/Seasoning – All Purpose
Second Place – Sweet Swine O’ MineSweet Rub O’ Mine

Hot Sauce
Sixth Place – Big Butz BBQBig Butz “No Butz” BBQ Sauce

Best Label
Fourth Place – Sweet Swine O’ MineSweet Sauce O’ Mine Original
Third Place – Hill Country BBQ – Peach Habanera BBQ Sauce

Meat Mitch Place #1 & #2 in Gettin’ Sauced Peoples Choice

When I got the email from Mitch Benjamin of Meat Mitch that they had places #1 and #2 in the Gettin’ Sauced BBQ sauce competition, I was thrilled, but not in the least bit surprised! We started carrying Meat Mitch in the last couple of months and have been testing both sauces with very positive results and even better feedback. The sauces have a unique flavor with the Whomp! being a little spicier and the Naked Whomp being all natural, total High Furctose Corn Syrup FREE and just as delicious but not as spicy.

Everyone who has tried them has absolutely loved them and the color that they produce when glazed on the meat is just an added bonus. Give them both a try!


#1. Meat Mitch Whomp! (Prairie Village, KS)

This sauce is all about the sweet and spice, it is a Kansas City Style through and through. It is a sauce that is great on just about everything. Meat Mitch Whomp! Competition BBQ Sauce is sweet, with a combination of brown sugar and ketchup as the primary ingredients, with a spicy kick to it.


#2. Meat Mitch Naked! (Prairie Village, KS)

Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! is made by a BBQ Competition team so it has a awesome flavor profile as well as a sweetness that you would expect to find in a KC style Sauce. It has a vinegar taste with a lot of all natural sweetness. The brown sugar stands out and it is definitely a sweet sauce, no real heat to speak of even though it claims to contain chili peppers

Click the link below to see all the 2011 Results from the competition, big thanks to Man Up Texas BBQ for posting this information!


Grill Charm™ Now Available at BBQ Pro Shop

Grill Charms at BBQ Pro Shop

Grill Charms Are Made for the BBQ Pro!

Summer is here  and wants Grill Charms to help make your next BBQ a hit! Grill Charm your food prior to cooking to indicate steak temperature, food seasonings and spice, or to address health or allergy concerns. Your food is personalized before, during and after it’s cooked. The way you want it each and every time.

BBQ Pro Shop Now Carries:

The Spicy Collection, are detailed with peppers representing Mild, Medium and Spicy without any confusion.  Those who like it hot and those who like it mild will know exactly which piece of meat is for them every time.

The Steak Collection helps grillers avoid cutting into steaks or hamburgers in order to see which one they want.  Food will stay unharmed with Grill Charms.  Simply look at the Grill Charm for R (rare), MR (medium rare), M (medium), MW (medium well). Want to look like a BBQ Pro? Grill these bad boys up in style and let people have the Steak House experience.

The Charmed Life includes designs such as a sail boat or tropical vacation associated with living a “Charmed Life” this is a great way to light up your backyard dinner party with some markings that represent your guests or share the spice and flavor profile.

Grill Charms are a great gift for every grilling enthusiast and an awesome way to bring your backyard BBQ bash to the next level.

Get Grill Charmed.

Meat Mitch HFCS Free BBQ Sauce

Meat Mitch is a BBQ Competitor and they have the sauces to prove it. We have just added Meat Mitch Whomp! BBQ Sauce and Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! BBQ Sauce to the BBQ Pro Shop and as per usual, I cannot truly review them, but we can provide you with some background on what our thoughts are and why we felt it our duty to carry these new sauces. There is a great review at Grilling With Rich that we would highly recommend you check out. At 23.5 Ozs per bottle these are great sauces at a really great value.

Meat Mitch Whomp! Competition BBQ Sauce

Meat Mitch Whomp! Competition BBQ Sauce Contains Vanilla, A Unique Flavor Profile for sure!

Meat Mitch Whomp! BBQ Sauce

This sauce is all about the sweet and spice, it is a Kansas City Style through and through. It is a sauce that is great on just about everything. Meat Mitch Whomp! Competition BBQ Sauce is sweet, with a combination of brown sugar and ketchup as the primary ingredients, with a spicy kick to it. The vanilla extract is somewhat the secret to this and not what you would normally find in barbecue sauce. When we tasted it, you can recognize a very subtle, sweet vanilla flavor that comes along with the spice kick. As a competition sauce we have a lot of hopes for it as it will definitely raise some eyebrows. This is the one to get if you like a little heat on the tongue, and the flavor profile is something that will differentiates this from other KC style sauces we have tried.

Meat Mitch Naked Whomp!

Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! is 100% HFCS Free and All Natural!

Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! BBQ Sauce

This one was a great find, we are always looking for sauces and rubs that are All Natural. We find them to be a welcome change and have a unique flavor that only comes from less chemicals and more goodness. If you have someone in your family or you yourself has food allergies this is the sauce you should try! Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! BBQ Sauce  is a refreshing new product to see in the world of BBQ Sauce. It is a truly ALL Natural High Fructose Corn Syrup Free or HFCS Free and 100% Gluten Free. Mitch puts it well on the label “No Fruc’n corn syrup” which is the first of it’s kind at BBQ Pro Shop. This the sweet and lovable brother of the Meat Mitch Whomp! BBQ Sauce is all about sweetness and natural goodness. The story behind this is that a local store decided to ban HFCS from it’s shelves and Mitch rose to the occasion. He made the decision to create a barbecue sauce that they would be able to carry and got his sauce back on the shelves.

Have you tried the sauce? Post some comments below and let us know what you think!

Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and BBQ Marinades

Jerry's BBQ Marinade

Jerry's Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade This "Old California Homestead" is perfect for chicken, flank steak, or skirt steaks and so much more.

Jerry's Slice Off The Gril BBQ Sauce

This "Old California Homestead" is a BBQ Sauce Classic

We are excited to add more regions of BBQ to our store. This one comes from the West coast, where BBQ has a story that Jerry made his own. We are excited to now be carrying yet another “Micro” sauce and as always, we love to share the story behind the sauce. Good BBQ is all about good marinades, rubs, sauces and injections and we are happy to announce the addition of Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade is now available at BBQ Pro Shop.

Our mission is to bring all of the secrets of good BBQ and all of the tips, tricks, products and the best in BBQ to all corners of the world. When we got the opportunity to work with Jerry, we jumped at the opportunity to bring in a sauce that is native to California grilling and BBQ that also has a marinade that can be used to spice up anything. Jerry started as a griller and has since become a “smoker” and a lover of all things BBQ.


In the 1950s, the weekend backyard barbecue was a symbol of postwar prosperity and family life. Our ritual began in the kitchen of my family’s “old California homestead” depicted on the barbecue sauce and marinade labels, with Mom preparing the sauce while Dad readied the grill.
Mom’s sauce was a marinade, delicate and delicious, the perfect perk-it-up for chicken and flank steak, which were Dad’s specialties. Commercial sauce? I didn’t know it existed, and I was so attached to Mom’s that when I got married and moved out, I began making my own. My goal was to duplicate hers and improve on the flavor and consistency—if that were possible.
Over the years, the marinade evolved, along with the barbecue grills themselves that moved from charcoal to propane to my milestone birthday present of a prized smoker. The birthday party was “Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill,” my own restaurant for a night. Guests begged for more of my barbecue marinated chicken and smoked brisket and ribs. Lots of sauce was served at the table for those who wanted additional zip.
“Bottle it,” said my wife, and since then I’ve made gallons of the marinade recipe, to the delight of family, friends and colleagues.

Their only suggestion was to make it thicker, a challenge to accomplish without changing the flavor, but ultimately I developed the right formula. A food scientist was consulted, science samples were made, and my original critics were called on for blind taste tests. The result is a choice of marinade or sauce, both with a unique tangy sweet flavor and a little kick, reminiscent of the barbecues of my childhood at the old homestead.