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Jerry's BBQ Marinade

Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and BBQ Marinades

Jerry's BBQ Marinade

Jerry's Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade This "Old California Homestead" is perfect for chicken, flank steak, or skirt steaks and so much more.

Jerry's Slice Off The Gril BBQ Sauce

This "Old California Homestead" is a BBQ Sauce Classic

We are excited to add more regions of BBQ to our store. This one comes from the West coast, where BBQ has a story that Jerry made his own. We are excited to now be carrying yet another “Micro” sauce and as always, we love to share the story behind the sauce. Good BBQ is all about good marinades, rubs, sauces and injections and we are happy to announce the addition of Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Sauce and Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill BBQ Marinade is now available at BBQ Pro Shop.

Our mission is to bring all of the secrets of good BBQ and all of the tips, tricks, products and the best in BBQ to all corners of the world. When we got the opportunity to work with Jerry, we jumped at the opportunity to bring in a sauce that is native to California grilling and BBQ that also has a marinade that can be used to spice up anything. Jerry started as a griller and has since become a “smoker” and a lover of all things BBQ.


In the 1950s, the weekend backyard barbecue was a symbol of postwar prosperity and family life. Our ritual began in the kitchen of my family’s “old California homestead” depicted on the barbecue sauce and marinade labels, with Mom preparing the sauce while Dad readied the grill.
Mom’s sauce was a marinade, delicate and delicious, the perfect perk-it-up for chicken and flank steak, which were Dad’s specialties. Commercial sauce? I didn’t know it existed, and I was so attached to Mom’s that when I got married and moved out, I began making my own. My goal was to duplicate hers and improve on the flavor and consistency—if that were possible.
Over the years, the marinade evolved, along with the barbecue grills themselves that moved from charcoal to propane to my milestone birthday present of a prized smoker. The birthday party was “Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill,” my own restaurant for a night. Guests begged for more of my barbecue marinated chicken and smoked brisket and ribs. Lots of sauce was served at the table for those who wanted additional zip.
“Bottle it,” said my wife, and since then I’ve made gallons of the marinade recipe, to the delight of family, friends and colleagues.

Their only suggestion was to make it thicker, a challenge to accomplish without changing the flavor, but ultimately I developed the right formula. A food scientist was consulted, science samples were made, and my original critics were called on for blind taste tests. The result is a choice of marinade or sauce, both with a unique tangy sweet flavor and a little kick, reminiscent of the barbecues of my childhood at the old homestead.


Bear PAWS Mat Handlers & More

Bear PAWS Meat Handles available at BBQ Pro Shop

Bear PAWS Mat Handlers & More

Shred Pork, Transfer From Grill to Table, Lift, Carve and Toss Salads!

For a long time since the Grill Friends Silicone Fork became harder and harder to find, we lost touch with a tool that helped make Pulled Pork less of a task and more of a joy. Then came the Bear Paws from Bear Paw Products, and life was now different. They are also great for handling meat of all shapes and sizes. You can toss a salad, hold items for slicing, lift huge turkeys or hams and so much more.

These are awesome!! I have been pulling pork for years using a variety of methods. It has always been time consuming and my least favorite part of bbq-ing. These bear paws make it absolutely effortless. Shredded two pork butts in minutes. I shredded five chicken breast for my buffalo chiken dip almost in a blink of an eye. They also help with pulling butts off the smoker. – via N.Protera @ Amazon

Here are some of the additional claims that the make over at Bear Paws:

Safely and securely keep your hands away when slicing/preparing!
Great for handling and cutting vegetables, watermelons- finally a SAFE solution!
Used by professionals, now available for all households!
Natural grip, stay cool handles
Super sharp, extra strong
Shreds meat and chicken for homemade barbeque, chimichangas!
Tosses salads, pastas, makes quick work for homemade coleslaw!
Slip-free grip transferring from oven or grill to your serving platter
Better handling control than long-handled forks or spatulas
Will not scratch coated surfaces
Dishwasher safe
Easy to use
Every household needs a pair!
Thousand’s of uses year-round!
Great gift idea!
Once they’re in your hands, you’ll wonder how you got by without them!


C-Dub’s BBQ Rub First Impression

C-Dub's BBQ Rub's, Get Naked! (Without Sauce)

We have been a follower of C-Dubs Rub on Twitter @CDubsBBQRub for a while now, and we spoke about selling their All Natural, BBQ Rubs at BBQ Pro Shop.  We were so happy to get the samples in the mail that we immediately got them on some ribs and chicken to test them out. As we type, the smoker is cooking the food that we rubbed them on, so no food reviews yet, but that will be soon. BBQ Pro Shop is a huge fan of Organic and Natural high quality BBQ Rubs. There is difference in the quality and fresh flavor of the spice and how it is blended. This stuff is “Micro-Batched” so it is of the highest quality and the price is worth the quality.

Alli supplied me with what they call their “One Nighter” which is essentially enough for one meal and a great way to try before you buy! So they arrived just in time for a test cook that my BBQ Team, Pork Phat Posse was doing over the weekend. The rubs are being used to cook some chicken wings, thighs and ribs so that will be my next post. For now, below is my initial taste test of each that I did in preparation for adding these to our store.
C-Dub’s Original BBQ Rub
The taste of the Original BBQ Rub is always a great starting point. C-Dub’s Original is a great blend of herbs and spices and NOT what you would normally expect from a really flavorful BBQ rub as the profile really jumps out at you. Starts off sweet and then slowly gets salty and then nice and tangy with the garlic and onion presenting themselves while the secret “spices” coming out and blending on your tongue.

C-Dub’s VooDoo Rub
This rub is exactly how it is stated on the jar “BBQ Rub with a Kick!” and does it ever pack a nice little punch. This one may have to go on my competition spice list as it has a great kick, one that wakes up your whole mouth, sticks around and then the after taste of the delicious spice blend comes through with a warm sensation in your month. Doesn’t numb or surprise, just the right amount of heat to let you know it is there.

Hot Wangs Rub
This one really speaks to the C-Dub’s Rub company slogan “Get Naked!” I was warned about this one in advance and I really do love spice and as much heat as I can take is when it doesn’t make my eyes water. So before I applied this to some chicken wings (which I bought specifically for the occasion) I put a little on my tongue just to see how best to apply this.

Well let’s just say, it took me to the extreme end of my hot scale. Hiccups when it hit the belly is my limit and this one take you there! It is noticeably finer grained than the other C-Dubs rubs and this is usually and indicator that it will have a full flavor profile. While you can enjoy the flavor, that only occurs for a brief moment and then you are introduced to a hot wing spice flavor that really warms your mouth just short of a little numbness. Cannot wait to see how the wings come out with some sweet BBQ sauce on em!

C-Dub’s BBQ Rub is all about “Get Naked” meaning you do not need sauce that they stand on their own. They contain NO MSG, fillers or preservatives and they are 100% Gluten Free. They contain no anti-caking agents and are micro-batched so they are made in small batches and are absolutely worth a try!

Stop N’ Go Tongs Prevent Cooking Cross Contamination

Grill Friends Stop And Go Tongs Keep You Safe!


Making sure that you do not mix raw food with your cooked food is so important. Elizabeth Karmel, the creator of Grill Friends is very serious about safety and she took a great idea and made it better. Karmel has been giving this tong tip out in classes, on television and on her website and now, you can own your own pair of custom-made Stop-and-Go tongs without the duct tape. The different colors help you to remember which pair of tongs were used for raw food, like chicken, and which are safe to use for the cooked food.  Karmel used the international colors of RED (STOP) and GREEN (GO) to make it easy on home cooks (and restaurant chefs) to remember which tongs to use while cooking and which tongs to use once the food is done.

The Grill Friends Super Silicone Stop-and-Go Tongs are now only $15.99 and in limited supply!  The 12-inch professional strength stainless-steel tongs have been in the works for years. Grill Friends Stop N’ Go Tongs silicone tips have a beveled edge to make it easier to get under the food and the extra-long silicone cushions on the sided make them comfortable for every hand. Besides working hard at the grill, these tongs are perfect for indoor cooking and the heat resistant silicone tips are safe for all non-stick surfaces.

If you cannot remember which color goes with which Karmel de-bossed the words raw and cooked on the appropriate tongs. When you put the food on the grill, use RED, when you go out to take it off, serve or slice it, use GREEN.

Frogmats With Green Beans

Frogmats: A Must for The Smoker or Indirect Griller

Frogmats With Green Beans

Frogmats Makes Indirect Grilling Any Vegetable or Delicate Food a Pleasure

It’s not all about BBQ and Smoking when you talk about Frogmats, there is a great use of this product that goes beyond keeping the briskets and pork butts from melting into and sticking to the grates on your smoker. Frogmats are just perfect for indirect grilling. Indirect grilling means that you are not placing Frogmats directly above your coals and flame, but rather, safely off to the side. Frogmats are a reusable mat that is non stick and will with stand heat up to 550F.

BBQ Pro Shop Carries two sizes of these, one which is a smaller size, 10″ x 13″ which we find is perfect for grilling vegetables, shish kabobs, shrimp, fish, chicken wings and anything that falls through the grates when you grill it. It is a non-stick, FDA approved surface that is made in the USA.  Clean up is really easy, just drop it in the dishwasher and it cleans up nice.

Now for more serious smoking or larger grill surfaces BBQ Pro Shop also carries the larger size 19″ x 22″ version which we use on my Primo XL Grilling surface. At this size there is a couple of different ways you can go with it. When smoking Chicken Wings, I will lay it out over the grill surface and just lay all the wings down on top of it while on the smoker. This keeps the wings from getting stuck in the cracks while smoking is going on.

It is great for grilling delicate foods such as fish, shrimp, green beans and asparagus as well. If you have ever tried to take a Pork Butt or Shoulder off the grill without shredding it, you will see why placing a Frogmat underneath is so important. Give them a try today.