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A Barbecue History of Chicago : James Beard Nominated Video Short

Chicago was well represented in this years 2012 James Beard Nominees list. You can download the list HERE. The last few years BBQ has really taken off in Chicago and this little piece was not only nominated for an award, but really shows us the deep history that Barbecue was in Chicago. Sky Full of Bacon 17: A Barbecue History of Chicago is a series by Michael Gebert and you can learn more about this project at his web site Sky Full of Bacon. Enjoy this video!


Sky Full of Bacon 17: A Barbecue History of Chicago from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

BBQ Pro Shop: Grilling Gear Giveaway for Facebook Fans!

BBQ Pro Shop is participating in a huge Grill Gear Giveaway that you may want to check out by clicking here.

The Giveaway is now underway that envolves eleven brands, 21 products and an estimated value of over $323 dollars! Here are the highlights of what is involved in the giveaway and what the prizes are. So make sure you like us on Facebook, and get all the details here.
  • 3 bags of smoker wood
  • 2 bottles of bbq sauce
  • 9 bottles of rub
  • 1 grilling plank
  • 4 specialty grill grate sections – 2 hard anodized aluminum & 2 cast iron
  • 1 ebook
  • Your choice of $25 of jerky
  • 1 BBQ apron
  • and more

Support BBQ on the web and get in there, should be fun!

Sweet Baby Ray’s Blog

Dave Raymond at 2011 Murphysboro “Praise The Lard” Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hirsch

Over the weekend we received an email annoucement from Dave Raymond, someone who is a Chicago BBQ Legend, with two restaurants, a new catering company that is getting incredible reviews and a competition BBQ team! Dave Raymond aka “Sweet Baby Ray” is now blogging about all things BBQ and promises a new post each week! Dave is someone we know and respect, so please have a look at his blog, the link is at the bottom of the announcement.

Hello one and all
I decided to e-mail instead of call
Barbecue, it’s our thing, it’s what we do
We are starting a blog, so we can share with you
We will have a story or article at least once a week
I hope we don’t have to slow down when the barbecue season hits its peak
We will start out with the team from Sweet Baby Rays
Once a week, new stuff we will write every 7 days
We will talk about barbecue and share with you what we know and do
I also will talk about barbecue friends, maybe even you and you too.
I am looking forward to getting our blog off the ground
To help me stay in touch with my friends whom do not all live in Chi-Town
One of our notions and part of the plan
Is to let you all know in Chicago we barbecue, yes we do, yes we can
I will include some information, so you will know
Please be on our list, read and enjoy and watch our blog grow
Thanks for your time, thank you one and all
Our Blog can be found at ~ ~

Jerry’s Slice Off The Grill Takes 3rd Place in Gettin’ Sauced Awards!

Jerry's Slice Off The Gril BBQ Sauce

This "Old California Homestead" is a BBQ Sauce Classic

We are proud to be among the only On-Line Retailer of Jerry’s Slice off the Grill BBQ Sauce and BBQ Marinade and are happy to report that this is now officially an Award Winning BBQ Product!

Jerry’s Slice Off the Grill took 3rd Place in the Bottled Sauces, Fruit, category at 2011 Man Up Texas BBQ’s 2nd Annual Gettin’ Sauced! Contest in Austin,Texas. Don’t take this lightly; it’s the stuff of serious sauce selection: Dedicated tasters spent a hot and humid summer Sunday sampling sauces, and contestants included the likes of KC Masterpiece and came from all around the country. The results in Texas proved again that the unique tangy taste of Jerry’s special creation is truly a winner.

Jerry’s Slice off the Grill BBQ Sauce and Marinade is available at BBQ Pro Shop on line as well as on our Amazon Marketplace store.

Myron Mixon: Jack’s Old South Smokers

Myron Mixon Jack's Old South Smokers, now for sale.

Saw a tweet over the weekend that Jack’s Old South Smokers are now being sold by founder Myron Mixon. Pork Phat Posse, my official KCBS BBQ Team cooked last Memorial Day in Westmont, IL and the team next to use used one of Myron’s smokers. He gave us a tour and it was very impressive. He showed up the morning of the competition and fired that baby up and did his hot and fast brisket and it was pretty impressive to watch. Some really good looking smokers and exciting to see that this method now has a few official smokers to choose from. Here is what the site reads:

I’m Myron Mixon, the winningest man in competitive BBQ. Since beginning my career in 1996 I’ve cooked on one style of smoker. An indirect water cooker. You tenderize your meat while you BBQ. The best of both worlds. I’ve developed my own line of water smokers that are well built and utilize the benefits of steam and smoke to a new level of BBQing. We offer fully insulated models and semi-insulated units. There are smokers that will fit every BBQ enthusiasts needs and price range.

For more information you can email the here. If you own one or have any feedback on one, please add a comment below!