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For The Love of BBQ: TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters

BBQ Pitmasters on TLC

BBQ Pitmasters Judges Myron Mixon, Warren Sap and Art Smith with Host Kevin Roberts

I will readily admit that when I heard of the drastic format change and watched the first episode of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters, I was less than thrilled. I loved the format of the old show and the opportunity to see how the BBQ Competitions ran from the inside. I was anxious to see who we were going to follow this year. So after following all the build up on the BBQ Central Radio Show I was pretty skeptical of the new format. I felt that I had to watch at least two episode before making a decision.

So after watching episode two tonight, and accepting the fact that the old BBQ Pitmaster’s formula was probably just too damn expensive for TLC to justify a second season.  I realize that if we didn’t get this format, we probably wouldn’t have anything at all. The four team enter, one team wins format of the new TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters is a compelling version of the competition cooking show. After seeing Marlando “Moe” Cason and Melissa Cookston come out on top, I am gaining a respect for the “Pitmaster” that goes beyond competition BBQ.

So I am digging the thought of seeing the show winners compete for the $100,000 prize. The heart and the flexibility of the Pitmasters is just awesome to watch. They can grill, make sides and most important, work the smoker like the BBQ pros that they are. Best part is that they do it on the fly, and can do it with style. These are the best of the best, masters of the BBQ and grill for that matter. They bring it or they go home.

The judges are perfect, Art Smith keeps the crew in line. He knows his food and with the challenges, he keeps it real and adds that expert opinion. Warren Sapp is a great personality, confident and humble, the man just likes to eat and BBQ is a common man’s food. Then there is Myron Mixon, pro on the BBQ circuit, the man simply knows good BBQ. For all the grief Myron gave BBQ judges last year, he walks the walk and the judging panel is solid. Kevin Roberts is the host and that is about as far as he takes it.

Check out their site here, tons of recipes and grilling tips. TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters