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Cripple Creek Barbeque All Purpose Spice Rub

Cripple Creek Barbeque – Now at BBQ Pro Shop!

Cripple Creek Barbeque All Purpose Spice Rub

Cripple Creek Barbeque All Purpose Spice Rub Is A Must For The Spice Collection

Cripple Creek Barbeque – The Little Company With a Big Conscience as their web site says, was someone that we stumbled upon while following our BBQ Tweets on Twitter (@BBQPRO). BBQ Pro Shop is working hard to search for rubs and sauces that are not only tough to find, but that are so good and wholesome that you cannot BBQ or Grill without them! When we went to their site, we realized that we needed to taste their products:

Cripple Creek Barbeque started from a love of good barbeque, the actual art of grilling, and the sauces and flavors used to create an unforgettable experience for the palate. Chef John Lynch, in a quest to create foods that aren’t full of sugars, artificial flavors, and chemicals, first created the spice combination that gives CCB its distinct flavor. That combination became the base of the sauces – blended with other all natural ingredients his sauces became rich, deep, and full of flavor. All of our sauces are all natural and contain NO High Fructose Corn Syrup.

That last piece was the kicker for us, we love all natural and organic products and some of the sauces we taste just seem like they are glorified ketchup. Not Cripple Creek Barbeque!  First of all, their All Purpose Spice Rub is one of the most aromatic spice rubs I have ever had the pleasure to inhale. It has a fantastic blend of natural herbs and spices and it is not predominantly salt and sugar like some we have tasted. As part of our “BBQ Pro Shop” test  we rubbed two chicken breasts and two pork chops with some Cripple Creek Barbeque All Purpose Spice Rub and the result was heavenly. If you like a southwest, chipolte flavor, this is the rub for you. We cannot wait to try them on Baby Back Ribs.

Their Chipolte BBQ Sauce and Original BBQ Sauce is a whole other story, but we will cover that in a future post. All of Cripple Creek Barbeque’s products are now available at BBQ Pro Shop and we have them on special so you can get them on your table!

We are NOT BBQ-Pro Grill, we are The BBQ Pro Shop

From time to time, we get calls, and emails letting us know about the problems that people are having with BBQ-Pro grills, either looking for spare parts or fielding general complaints. BBQ Pro Shop is not affiliated in anyway with BBQ-Pro grills.

We are not a BBQ-Pro Grill Shop, we are THE BBQ Pro Shop and we’ve got plenty of smokers and grills as well as tools and accessories. We often tell people that they should either contact the place where they bought the grill and speak to them directly. We recommend that you do your best and purchase a high quality grill or smoker whenever possible. Primo Charcoal or Wood Burning Grills and Smokers as well as the Minden Grill Company for Gas Grills are a couple of our favorites.

Gates BBQ: A Kansas City Classic

Gates_BBQ_Kansas_CityWell I have returned safely from a business trip to Kansas City, MO and after sending out a Twitter post asking people what they thought the best places in KC were, the results are in. Some suggested Oklahoma Joes in downtown Kansas City and of course, the KC Classic, Arthur Bryants, Danna Kriser, a KC native called Bryants “an institution”. Monte brough in a wilde card, suggesting Danny Edwards Blvd Barbeque, which we later learned has a back story which made it the most intriguing of the bunch.

Thanks to all the Facebook friends who helped create this list. This is all great research for a return trip, we were on official business and after a long delayed flight, Gates BBQ showed up an exit on the way to our first meeting and within one hour of being on the ground, we were ordering gates famous Beef on Bun and fries! My partner Steve and I sampled each of the sauces and had to agree that the Gates Extra Hot Sauce, was the best sauce on the planet. It had that classic KC taste and when served with their brisket it was just perfect.

Now being from Chicago, fast food to me is a char grilled kosher hot dog, maybe an Italian Beef sandwich or a good italian sausage, but in KC, they have the luxury of fast food BBQ.  Many turned up their noses at the thought of us having Gates, but many years ago in college, I fell in love with the “Hi, may I help you?” greeting that everyone gets when you cross the threshold at Gates.  This was an absolute treat! Next time I will make sure that the schedule is cleared so that I can take up the suggestions of our friends, and enjoy a tour of KC BBQ!