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Smoking Sheets are a Revelation in Grilling: Grill Friends™

Japanese–Style Sheets put a Twist on Traditional Planking and Smoking

The traditional “barbecue” of the Pacific Northwest has been adopted by the entire country—cedar planked salmon.  Five years ago, you had a hard time finding cedar planks in kitchen stores and in most markets, you had to buy untreated cedar at lumber yards and have the wood cut into planks for cooking.  Today, home cooks across the country can find these “gourmet” planks in most stores and they are using them frequently.  And, if you stick with the traditional salmon fillet, there is no better presentation than serving the fish directly from the wood—until now!

Grill Friends is excited to introduce the latest grilling and kitchen innovation:  8-inch square Cedar Smoking Sheets.  The thin wood sheets are made from cedar wood and are used in a similar way as cedar planks.  Like a plank, the  Grill Friends™ Cedar Smoking Sheets must be soaked before use to prevent burning.  The soaking also makes the sheets flexible enough to wrap around the food.  The Grill Friends sheets are larger than their Japanese counterparts and perfectly sized for American portions.  The sheets are designed for individual servings and make a dramatic presentation whether you wrap them around the food or place the food on top.  Best yet, they are disposable and make clean-up a snap.

“I’ve always loved cooking with cedar planks,” said Elizabeth Karmel, author of Taming the Flame:  Secrets for Hot and Quick and Low and Slow BBQ.  “When I stumbled onto cedar papers in a Japanese kitchen store, I was elated.  The sheets were as thin as paper and made to be used once and disposed of.  I loved the way they cooked but found them to be too small for most of my American recipes.  That is when I decided to update the idea for the American grill and add them to my line of Grill Friends products.”

The  Grill Friends™ Cedar Smoking Sheets will turn you into a gourmet griller in a jiffy!  Simply soak them in cold water for ten minutes and they are ready to use.  If you want an extra-fancy presentation, roll one serving-size portion of food (about 6-ounces)

in the wet sheet and tie with a piece of wet cooking twine or a long scallion or chive that has also been soaked in water or blanched—it should look like a tube.  Or, simply place your seasoned and oiled food on the smoking sheet.  Try this technique with salmon, scallops, pork chops, filet mignon, sliced pineapple or any of your favorite foods for cedar-smoked food that will have your guests begging for more.  Because the wet cedar adds a bit of moisture to the cooking environment, meat, fish and fruit come out moist, succulent and slightly smoky—an unbeatable combination!  But that’s not all, the added bonus is that your food won’t stick to the grill and has its very own built-in serving tray!

The Grill Friends™ Cedar Smoking Sheets are packaged with 8 one-time use sheets. The also come in Pecan and Cherry, Maple and Hickory.