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Ten BBQ Stocking Stuffers under $10

Nothing like a good top 10 list to help make up your mind for that secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer. When it comes to BBQ, there is plenty here are a list of ten items from BBQ Pro Shop that will bring the holiday cheer!

#10 – Stainless Steel Odor Remover – $6.99 – Whether you are squeezing garlic, seasoning up some fish or rubbing ribs without latex gloves, your hands are going to smell and that is no way to hit the holiday party scene. Just rub this over your hands and the smell goes away.

#9 – Grill Friends Super Silicone Multi-Use Tongs – $9.49 – This one is just an indispensable item in your BBQ arsenal and these Multi-Use Tongs are made from professional strength stainless-steel and black heat-resistant silicone. They work on the grill or serving, they are a must own!

#8 – Multi Purpose Mini Measure – $2.49 – This is just one of the most versatile things for the kitchen, measure up your salt, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, hot sauce, bourbon, vinegar, olive oil, milk, honey, and your favorite spirits. Each one is calibrated so it measures exactly every time.

#7 – Grill Friends Super Silicone Angled BBQ Brush – $8.75 – Mop, baste or brush. With  silicone bristles that will not melt or fall into the sauce, that old wooden brush is obsolete. The angle makes it comfortable to use and the long handle allows you to keep your hands away from the heat. Oh, did we mention it is dishwasher safe!?

#6 – Glow in the Dark Instant-Read Thermometer – $5.99 – Yeah, we know, everyone has an instant read thermometer, not true! This one makes it easy, with a listing of the temperatures on the sheath and a glow in the dark face that makes checking your chicken in the dark a breeze. Functional and cool!

#5 – Sarah’s Sea Salt Mediterranean Salt – $5,49 – This is the go to seasoning, awesome on chicken, delicious on beef, you cannot go wrong with this one in the spice cabinet. Finish you vegetables with a pinch and people will thank you time and time again.

#4 – Plowboys BBQ The Jerk – $6.49 – Something different from Plowboys BBQ,  The Jerk  is a tropical vacation right in your stocking!  “Enjoy the taste of Jamaica without all the heat.” That refers to the heat in tropical Jamaica, not in the rub,  brings some sweet heat, but an incredible balance of flavor.

#3 –The Rub Co. – Barbecue – $6.99 – All of the The Rub Co. rubs are really special, but this one is a middle of the road all purpose BBQ rub that is just special. If you like it with a little heat, try the Competition rub,  or if you are on the West Coast, Santa Maria brings it too!

#2 – D-Dog’s BBQ Apple Rub – $6.49 – D-D0gs really changes the way we feel about sweet rubs. The original is just awesome and the Peach or Maple are something you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself, but will be amazed when you try it. Some special BBQ rubs, for that special someone.

#1 – Head’s Red BBQ Sauce – $5.99 – A great price for a great sauce! We love Heads Red BBQ Sauce and it is sweet the way that BBQ Sauce is supposed to be sweet. Winner of the 2010 Award of Excellence from NBBQ, specially priced just for you!

So there you go, 10 items that are sure to be a hit and be that little something that pushes your holidays over the edge. Happy Grilling!