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Grill Charms at BBQ Pro Shop

Grill Charm™ Now Available at BBQ Pro Shop

Grill Charms at BBQ Pro Shop

Grill Charms Are Made for the BBQ Pro!

Summer is here  and www.bbqproshop.com wants Grill Charms to help make your next BBQ a hit! Grill Charm your food prior to cooking to indicate steak temperature, food seasonings and spice, or to address health or allergy concerns. Your food is personalized before, during and after it’s cooked. The way you want it each and every time.

BBQ Pro Shop Now Carries:

The Spicy Collection, are detailed with peppers representing Mild, Medium and Spicy without any confusion.  Those who like it hot and those who like it mild will know exactly which piece of meat is for them every time.

The Steak Collection helps grillers avoid cutting into steaks or hamburgers in order to see which one they want.  Food will stay unharmed with Grill Charms.  Simply look at the Grill Charm for R (rare), MR (medium rare), M (medium), MW (medium well). Want to look like a BBQ Pro? Grill these bad boys up in style and let people have the Steak House experience.

The Charmed Life includes designs such as a sail boat or tropical vacation associated with living a “Charmed Life” this is a great way to light up your backyard dinner party with some markings that represent your guests or share the spice and flavor profile.

Grill Charms are a great gift for every grilling enthusiast and an awesome way to bring your backyard BBQ bash to the next level.

Get Grill Charmed.