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Thanksgiving Turkey 101 – On the Grill Or In The Oven!

Everything you need to cook Thanksgiving Turkey

Everything you need to cook Thanksgiving Turkey

How will you cook your Thanksgiving Turkey this year? Is the plan to just pop it in the oven and go, or are you looking for something a little more out of the ordinary? If you are cooking it in the oven the GrillFriends Turkey Lifter is no longer sold seperately as it has been discontinued so your best bet is to make the investment in the GrillFriends Turkey 101 kit which includes a GrillFriends Glow in the Dark Thermometer, Super Silicone Angled Basting Brush, and the hard to find Turkey Lifter. The kit also includes a bonus Comprehensive Turkey Guide, written by Elizabeth Karmel on How to Cook a Turkey in the oven or on the grill.

Every year Gretchen and I cook ours on the grill and we do one on the gas grill using a GrillFriends Turkey Sitter and another on the Weber Kettle in a roasting rack where we cook it on the coals smoking it with Oak for a unique taste.  It is also critical to brine a Turkey, whether it is on the grill or in the oven as it makes the Turkey tender and is sure to please your guests every time. We did a You Tube video on How to Barbecue a Turkey which is a quick overview but really helpful.

Gemori Marinades Featured on Healthy Eating

Our newest line of marinades from Gemori have been featured in Healthy Eating, Do I Really Want To Eat That? Healthy Eating is an on-line blog about eating health and the Gemori sugar free Teriyaki marinades are an important part of eating well as they contain no sugar. Take a look at the article here.

This is an excerpt from that post:

A friend of mine was telling me about a couple of her friends who have just recently started a business here in the Chicago area called Gemori Sauces & Rubs.  They make some absolutely fantastic sounding, all natural marinades, salsas, pasta sauces and hot sauces. And you know what?  They’re HEALTHY!

BBQ Pro Shop loves that we are mentioned in the article and we encourage you to support this line of products and give them a try. Gretchen and I have tried the Greek Marinade and the Teryaki and I must say that we are all out of Greek Marinade, only a couple of days later! We sell them at www.bbqproshop.com and hope you will try them today!