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Baxter’s Original Smoking Woods Available at BBQ Pro Shop

Baxter's Original Peach Chunk Smoking Woods

Baxter's Original Peach Chunk Smoking Woods

BBQ Pro Shop is proud to be carrying Baxter’s Original Smoking Woods at BBQ Pro Shop! Sticking with our tradition of carrying the best, we uncovered Baxter’s Smoking Wood on Twitter, following @BaxtersOriginal and hearing how much everyone in the #BBQ world loved his smoking woods. So we went and bought some Peach so that we could take a page from Myron Mixon brisket secrets and try some of this magical peach wood. It was delicious and a huge hit. Baxter’s is the real deal.

What I loved the most was the cool burlap sack, hand printer label and the name of the wood spray painted on the outside of the sack. Simple instructions, kind of like a fortune are enclosed in each bag telling you to soak the chips or chunks  in water for 30 minutes for the best results.

So far I have used this on a pork butt and brisket that I did for experimentation purposes and the peach flavor was fresh and smooth. The wood we received could be smelled as you open the box and take a whiff of the burlap sack. Unlike other woods that I have bought, these have the aroma that you would expect from fresh cut wood. This is about as fresh as it can get and last night I used some of the samples to smoke some apple wood baby back robs and the flavor was just delightful, very natural. Baxter’s Original Smoking Woods come from Georgia, and you just know that it is all fresh from the wood shed!