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Frogmats With Green Beans

Frogmats: A Must for The Smoker or Indirect Griller

Frogmats With Green Beans

Frogmats Makes Indirect Grilling Any Vegetable or Delicate Food a Pleasure

It’s not all about BBQ and Smoking when you talk about Frogmats, there is a great use of this product that goes beyond keeping the briskets and pork butts from melting into and sticking to the grates on your smoker. Frogmats are just perfect for indirect grilling. Indirect grilling means that you are not placing Frogmats directly above your coals and flame, but rather, safely off to the side. Frogmats are a reusable mat that is non stick and will with stand heat up to 550F.

BBQ Pro Shop Carries two sizes of these, one which is a smaller size, 10″ x 13″ which we find is perfect for grilling vegetables, shish kabobs, shrimp, fish, chicken wings and anything that falls through the grates when you grill it. It is a non-stick, FDA approved surface that is made in the USA.  Clean up is really easy, just drop it in the dishwasher and it cleans up nice.

Now for more serious smoking or larger grill surfaces BBQ Pro Shop also carries the larger size 19″ x 22″ version which we use on my Primo XL Grilling surface. At this size there is a couple of different ways you can go with it. When smoking Chicken Wings, I will lay it out over the grill surface and just lay all the wings down on top of it while on the smoker. This keeps the wings from getting stuck in the cracks while smoking is going on.

It is great for grilling delicate foods such as fish, shrimp, green beans and asparagus as well. If you have ever tried to take a Pork Butt or Shoulder off the grill without shredding it, you will see why placing a Frogmat underneath is so important. Give them a try today.