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2021 Essentials Seasoning Kit
On Sale
BBQ Pro Shop

2021 Essentials Seasoning Kit


The Factory Team has been in the lab all year, assessing the newest rubs for the BBQ PRO SHOP FACTORY TEAM FLAVOR GUIDE This is what we call our 2021 Essential Seasonings List -- the ultimate collection of killer new rubs that Ann and Brian aka Ms. and Mr. Freak reall stood out from the pack of new releases in 2021.

Each collection includes one bottle of each of the following seasonings, click on each link to learn more about the individual seasonings, or Read the 2021 Essential Seasonings List blog post:

  1. Climax XX BAM
  2. Ribeye Ranch Pitgrit
  3. Heath Riles Hot Rub
  4. Bayou Bandit
  5. Grill All
  6. Hog Knuckle Honey Chipotle
  7. Midwest Dust
  8. Butt Kick'n Chicken
  9. Texas Black S.P.G.
  10. The Heavy Hitter Hot Rub
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