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Backwoods Smokers

The story of Backwoods Smoker is an American small business success story! Originating from the backwoods of Louisiana, Mike McGowan and his wife Kathy set out to make a unit that would take all of the experience that he had picked up on and perfect it. The result is that they built one of the most successful brands of charcoal smokers, all made in the USA. A staple on the competition circuit and in backyards across the United States, Backwoods are high quality, reliable, easy to use, and provide great flavor yo would expect from a smoker!


Easy to Use

Backwoods Smokers are Professional Level cookers that are easy enough for a beginner to use. They provide detailed documentation as well as specific examples to help new users get started. For more information about Backwoods Smoker cookers, you can find help on their site Product Support page. All of our smokers are distributed and shipped direct from Smokin' Deal BBQ. When you want the very best, deserve the very best, and don't want to have the same cooker as all your neighbors! Backwoods...every man's dream!

Quality Products

Backwoods Smoker use a patented double wall construction, with high quality insulation in every cooker. This provides a superior heat control in your pit, even in the coldest of nights. Many competition and professionals swear by the insulated cooker, it is all about heat control. The double wall design, allows you to walk up to a Backwoods Smoker cranking with 400 degrees of heat into the pit, and touch the outside of the cooker which is still cool!

The smallest Backwoods Smoker, "The Chubby", was awarded as one of the Top 10 Best Value Residential Smoker in 2014 by AmazingRibs.com

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