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Kreuz_Traditions_SignKreuz Market in Lockhart Texas was BBQ that I had to try. It is on my “Bucket List” to visit the self proclaimed BBQ Capital of the world but patience is not one of my strong suits so last week, we contacted Kreuz Market and ordered up some of their world famous brisket, Kreuz Original and Kreuz Jalapeno Cheddar sausages and had them sent to us via FedEx. What a great concept, Texas BBQ in Chicago. I thought that since this was a first for me, I would share the experience, give you some tips and encourage you to impress your friends at your next dinner part or backyard BBQ.

I had my BBQ Team partner from the “Pork Phat Posse” Doug and his family coming over for the sampling on Sunday night so I got my order in late on Tuesday. So I was forced to ship via FedEx Two Day, not reccomended. Best bet is to make sure that you order on Friday, or well in advance of the party so that you can save some money on shipping and leave yourself plenty of time to get the food here. Read the shipping instructions on the site and if you want them next day, be prepared to pay the premium.

The food arrives frozen in a vacuum packed plastic wrapper to insure that it is as fresh as can be. All the meat is pre-cooked so it is even safer. The shipping costs are well justified in that the food is shipped in a stryofoam shipping cooler to insure it arrives in great condition. We thawed all the meat out and read the enclosed cooking instructions which suggest oven or smoker reheating of the meat.


I chose to smoke the meat on my Primo Oval XL Smoker and used a little oak to get a fresh smoked taste on the meat. I put the 3#’s of brisket on one hour before the guests arrived and the sausages on 30 minutes before and tried to time everything so it would be fresh out of the smoker. Wise move, serving it hot gives you the best reproduction. My brisket had the burnt end on it, AWESOME! The fat was perfectly cooked, the meat was tender and had a smoke ring on it thanks to the pitmaster in Texas!

The sausage was an experience for me as I worked at Poeta’s Foods in Highwood in High School and made fresh Italian Pork Sausage just about every day. It was delicious, smokey and tender, really juicy and flavorful. The smoked sausage flavor was very Texas and I highly reccomend trying out the Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages they were my favorite and not overly spicy, just really something special! Brisket has been a quest for me, it is one of the most difficult things to master and if you want real Texas BBQ, spend the money on Kreuz and you will briskte will taste like the Pros, everytime.

Photos Courtesy of Central Texas Barbecue Run

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