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Grill Friends Stainless Steel Mop

The Grill Friends Stainless Steel BBQ Mop sports 167 black silicone bristles on a fire-red angled handle. This mop is the first innovation in sauce mops since BBQers have been using sauce mops! Karmel has been working on this mop design for years, and when she mentioned it to BBQ Buddy, restauranteur and Three-Time Memphis-in-May Grand Champion, Mike Mills, he couldn’t wait to try it. And the reasons are simple: “Mops are typically made out of cotton string and are impossible to clean after the first use. Cotton mops also absorb so much sauce and you end up feeding the mop before you can sauce your meat,” explains Karmel.

This mop will be great for backyard cooks, championship BBQers and BBQ restaurants predicts Mills.  In 2008 Karmel introduced the Stainless Steel version BBQ Sauce Mop for restaurants and BBQers who appreciate the aesthetic of stainless steel. “The stainless steel version is slightly longer to allow for a fluid bend in the neck and virtually indestructible. This is the choice of barbecue restaurant owners and pitmasters looking for a mop that can be washed, sterilized and fits USDA food code,” said Karmel. The BBQ Mop won the 2008 NBBQA Gold Medal at the recent National Barbecue Conference awards ceremony in Austin, Texas.

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