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Head's Red BBQ Grand Championship Sauce

Head's Red BBQ Grand Championship Sauce

The BBQ Pro Shop is excited to announce that we have found a real gem, right here in the Midwest! In fact, Bill Mehlios of Roselle created this sauce as a solution to the sweet sauces sold commercially. Head’s Red BBQ Sauce is a unique blend of sweet and tangy which doesn’t overpower the meat, but lets the flavor shine through with a true complement to the meat.  In 2006, this sauce earned them the Grand Championship and we now know why. Bill has his own team now and most recently won another grand champion in 2009.

We met Bill through a group here in Chicago that celebrates the BBQ in the area buy travelling each month to a new spot and hanging out with the pitmasters and industry folk. It was started by Sweet Baby Ray’s founder, Dave Raymond who we met at the Backyard Barbeque Store at a seminar on how to cook short ribs and brisket.  We connected through this group and Bill stopped by personally to drop off a bottle for us to test. I recently made some pork chops for myself and some chicken for the wife and kids. My kids only like KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, which is respectable for most, but not when your father and mother own BBQ Pro Shop!

My kids loved it and so did I! The sauce blends a sweet edge to it, but doesn’t go to any extreme. Head’s Red BBQ Sauce really goes to another level. I think that the Heads Red BBQ site tells the story the best, and Bill is one of those die hard passionate pitmasters who created this sauce for the love of BBQ, with a lot of heart! This one is made in small batches, not overly produced and it is tough to find. So check out the store and yourself a bottle today.

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