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BBQ Rub Gift Packs are the perfect gift for friends and family who want to be introduced to new flavors. The BBQ Pros have put together our Top 7 suggestions for BBQ Rub Gift Packs to please BBQ Family near and far! All of our prices include shipping so it’s the ideal 2020 holiday gift!

BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team Champion Gift Pack

The Factory Team Champions Pack boasts versatile flavors that help the pitmaster in your life achieve pro results. Pure seasoning magic from some of the biggest names in competition BBQ and food sport, where flavor is everything!

BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team Gourmet Pack

The Factory Team Gourmet Pack is perfect for special occasion cooking or whenever you want to impress. From the grill to the smoker to the oven, the possibilities are endless with these premium blends. You’ll reach for them all the time, whether cooking indoors or outdoors!

Heath Riles Steak Gift Pack - BBQ Gift Box

The Heath Riles Steak Gift Pack saw explosive growth of his namesake brand in 2020. The Heath Riles system is all about mixing and matching flavors to taste. So these four rubs, when mixed and matched pack a powerful punch on steak, but will anchor any spice rub drawer!

Loot N Booty Ultimate Starter Set - Gift Box BBQ

Loot N Booty Ultimate Starter Kit – Loot N Booty introduced all of these rubs in 2020 and the Jolly Roger Garlic Jalapeno Black rub is the newest of the bunch. This collection is not only a great value, but has the versatility to cook everything from chicken and ribs to veggies and competition level ribeye steaks. This is a treasure chest of flavors that would make the perfect gift for someone who knows their BBQ spices.

Fire Dancer BBQ Ultimate Starter Set - BBQ Gift Box - Malcom Reed

Fire Dancer BBQ Ultimate Starter Kit – Fire Dancer BBQ is another new entry for 2020, when Malcom Reed of How To BBQ Right fame made some competition chicken thighs using Fire Dancer Chicken Rub, this brand was officially on the map. The All Purpose rub is so much more than your average SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic) rub, and the pork rub packs spices not normally found in your average Pork rubs. This gift pack will light a fire and have the taste buds dancing!

Flavor Anonymous Ultimate Steak Gift Pack - BBQ Gift Box

Flavor Anonymous Ultimate Steak Gift Pack – FA as it’s known on the street has been the breakout brand of 2020, introducing a whole new line of products, Flavor Anonymous set out to be anything but typical. Moo’d Enhancer is an old formula that when reintroduced with Double Down, packs a punch on steaks that is hard to describe just how good it is. Ante Up is wood fired flavor in a pouch that punches up grilled veggies and so much more. Rehab your friends and family and drop this gift pack off to show them the way!

Boars Night Out - Backyard Gift Pack - BBQ Gift Box

Boars Night Backyard Gift Pack – The Southern Gentlemen from Boars Night Out BBQ have won rib contests, whole hog and pork shoulder. When they went on the SCA circuit they tore that up as well. This trio of rubs is the secret to their success. They use combinations of these three to excite the flavors of whatever they are cooking and when dialed in, there is no contest these rubs cannot win. Keep an eye out for the all new Boars Night Out Spicy Double Garlic Butter due out before the holidays!

These are just seven of so many more gift packs that are on sale and ready to ship, email us at with questions or if we can help in anyway!

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