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Can you believe it took us this long to get to beef? We love beef on the grill, from hamburgers to filets and beyond. This recipe creates a mouthwatering smoked beef brisket that needs to go beyond Texas— it’s just too good!

Brisket is tough and fatty, coming from the chuck meat. When cooked well, the fat caramelizes and creates a hearty flavor with a juicy and tender texture. Learn about the different cuts of beef here

This recipe is easy. Take 1 beef brisket, which is about 12-16 pounds. Rub it with Killer Hogs Texas Brisket Rub for an authentic Lone Star taste. We recommend smoking on a charcoal grill for the best flavor. You’ll want an internal temperature of 200°F to ensure the meat is fully cooked. Once smoked, pair with the sweet Peachy Peach Habanero sauce for a taste that just can’t be beat. 

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