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Sausage balls are delicious and may be the ultimate appetizer or finger food to bring to your next gathering. Dylan and Shane take this recipe directly to Flavor Town to a level that will please your guests. Flavor Anonymous Double Down and Pit Daddy Outfitter’s Chicken Dredge combined with Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Mix creates a sausage ball that needs to be tasted to be believed. You’re going to love these sausage balls, crunchy on the outside with a sweet buttery flavor on the inside. Find all of these seasonings here.

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Ingredient List:

  • Pitdaddy Outfitter’s Chicken Dredge
  • Flavor Anonymous Double Down
  • 1 Box Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix
  • 1lb Hot Breakfast Sausage
  • 1lb Hot Italian Sausage
  • 16oz Pimento Cheese
  • 2 Cups Cheddar Cubes
  • 2 Fresh Jalapenos Diced
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