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Pancho and Lefty Steak Marinade
Pancho and Lefty Steak Marinade

Pancho and Lefty Steak Marinade now comes in a new shaker bottle, with some product tweaks to deliver positive results from a proven formula. When the new bottles appeared, SCA cookers were searching for the old bags, and they asked us about the changes. So we asked Roland about the changes.

Updates to Pancho and Lefty Steak Marinade.

  1. Roland’s personal complaint of the old formula is that it could turn steaks to mush if marinated too long. So he added a tenderizer that contained MSG to make it more forgiving.
  2. There is a new component that enhances steak color creating a nice reddish mahogany appearance.
  3. The new formula packs a bigger punch of beef flavor with MSG to get more in that single bite.

Roland fully understands that change can be tough, especially when people have created a cooking process based on his product being a specific way. Some will love it and some are gonna hate it. Roland is happy with all the positive results the updated marinade has delivered so far. There definitely will be a small learning curve and adjustment period, but the end result is a better product.

BBQ Pro Shop wants to give a huge shout out to Roland for sharing this with you, we hope it will help you better understand the revisions made. There are so many great products from P&L Steaks. you can check out the entire line up at BBQPROSHOP.COM.

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