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The 2017 NBBQA Awards of Excellence competition judges BBQ Sauces and Rubs, one of the highest industry honors. BBQ Pro Shop follows the awards closely and are lucky enough to stock Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauce!

Duce's Wild BBQ Sauce: DQ Glaze

Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauce: DQ Glaze wins 1st Prize

Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauce was honored by the National Barbecue & Grilling Association at their annual conference and BBQ bash in Forth Worth, Texas at the Stockyards. Duce Raymond, is an outstanding chef and BBQ Pitmaster from Chicago and launched Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauce in many original flavors. Three of Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauces hold 2017 NBBQA Awards of Excellence titles.  Duce’s Wild DQ Glaze, is the first place winner of the tomato mild competition. Duce’s Wild DQ Glaze BBQ Sauce is a chef inspired finishing glaze and dipping sauce. We love it on Pork Chops, Chicken, Ribs and Salmon. We have been spreading the word about this sauce for a long time, so glad the judges at NBBQA agree!


Duce's Wild BBQ Sauce: Competition Sauce

Duce’s Wild BBQ Sauce: Competition Sauce wins 2nd Place

The other winner, Duce’s Wild Competition Sauce took home 2nd place honors in the vinegar sauce category and is another huge winner as well. Our experience is that the Competition BBQ Sauce produces an amazing lacquer when used as a finishing sauce on meats. Try it on burgers, BBQ chicken and any type of pork, It is a blend of sweet and heat that is not to be missed. Duce’s Wild competition team has competed both KCBS and MBN Competitions, taking home top awards in both.

BBQ Pro Shop will carry Alabama White Gold Sauce which won a 2nd place award in the white sauce category. Congratulations to Duce Raymond owner of Duce’s Wild and his Uncle Dave Raymond, AKA Sweet Baby Ray.  We have known and followed Duce Raymond’s BBQ for many years and enjoyed all of his BBQ inspired culinary creations. BBQ Pro Shop is ready to ship to our great customers and fans of BBQ!

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