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In this fun how-to video, Shane Draper and Dylan Lipe, cook up a beautifully roasted burnt ends Charles Eye steak. They season the wagyu beef with  Boars Night Out White Lightning Double Garlic Butter, Killer Hogs Hot BBQ Rub, and the Fergolicious SPG LUV AP Rub. These three seasonings will create an unforgettable bark on what many call Poor Man’s burnt ends. Using a Charles Eye or chuck roast, follow this recipe to create some delicious burnt ends without having to smoke a brisket!

To begin, the Pit Masters season the beef with a base coat of the SPG all-purpose rub from Fergolicious and too calm down the heat, the Pit Masters go heavy with a top coat of Boars Night Out White Lightning Double Garlic Butter rub. To add color, a little bit of heat, some sweetness, and added crunch when you bite in, Shane and Dylan spice up their burnt ends with Killer Hogs Hot BBQ Rub. To get the desired texture for burnt ends, slow cook their seasoned up Charles Eye on their M1 Grill from M Grills at 350 degrees for about 4 hours. Finally, the tossed the burn ends in Big Butz BBQ Sauce, No Butz to enhance the sweet and heat factor. This is a great stand alone dish or you can get creative and add it to a salad, sandwich or tacos. The versatility of burnt ends is nearly endless!

Watch the video and find out more, all of these rubs are available on the site, so start shopping!

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