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Make a delicious McRib sandwich with this re imagined combination of rubs and sauce for Pork Sliders. This is a perfect recipe for a backyard BBQ to show your friends and family what #FlavorTown is truly about!

To Start things off, the Pit Masters season their ground pork with Heavy Smoke’s White Label Rub, which is very well balanced and works perfectly on pork. Then they add a coating of Heath Riles Honey Chipotle Rub to give the sliders a level of warmth and sweetness that the McRib has.

Next, they preheat a cast iron skillet and throw the sliders on with the coals as close to the grate as possible, otherwise known as “Santa Maria Style,” cooking the sliders around 165ºF.

Once the pork patties are off the grill, they make their sliders with sliced onions and a competition glaze that works great on pork especially, Duce’s Wild DQ Glaze. This is a must try combination for all pork lovers, especially if you’ve ever enjoyed the McRib, this takes it to the next level. You can purchase all of these rubs and sauces featured in the video at BBQ Pro Shop now!

Pork Burger Sliders in a Cast Iron Skillet
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