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Pigchaser BBQ Sauce

New Sauce for BBQ Pro Shop! Try Some Pigchaser Today!

BBQ Pro Shop is very excited to be carrying a new sauce! Pigchaser Original BBQ Sauce is a labor of love and brings out more of the BBQ Street Cred for the Chicago Area. Ron of Pigchaser has tasted a lot of good BBQ sauces over the years and enjoyed every one of them. Ron felt his sauce was good and decided to share this special recipe with you. Ron had always wanted to create a sauce that would combine all his memories of great BBQ sauces he had tried and put them in one bottle.  All of his family and friends kept telling him how tasty Pigchaser Original BBQ Sauce is and how much they enjoyed it that he wanted to share it with you too.

So why the name? Legend has it that his job  brought him to the border of US and Mexico in Nogales AZ, where late one night while standing on his balcony he spotted what he believed was a pig roaming around in the parking lot.  After a long flight he decided to have some fun and chase this pig.  He began chasing the pig into the desert but soon realized he could barely see his way, so he stopped and decided to go back to the hotel.  But just when he turned to head back he looked and saw that the pig was chasing him! The next day he found out from some of his Mexican colleagues at work that in fact he was chasing a javelina or wild pig which has tusks and in packs can kill or injure humans.  From then on he was known as the “amigo javelina chaser” or Pigchaser.

Pigchaser Original BBQ Sauce combines a sweet and smokey flavor with hints of pineapple, mustard and molasses. As sweet as it may be, it also has a very nice heat to it, nothing overpowering but something that you will certainly taste when the flavors start to fade. There is not a flavor profile that this sauce doesn’t work with and when basted over warm products, takes on a new profile of flavors. Ron has many new flavors of sauce coming out and it has been a hit throughout the Chicagoland area, being picked up by fine butchers and gourmet grocery stores. Now available at BBQ Pro Shop as the exclusive online retailer for the sauce. Give some a try today!

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3 Replies to “Pigchaser BBQ Sauce”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love the sauce & all its flavors! Nothing like some sweet & spicy bbq for a perfect day!!

  2. J.B. O'Brien says:

    I was at Sunset Foods Libertyville when this guy walked up to me in the BBQ sauce isle and said Hey want to try a great sauce new on the market. I looked at the guy and said sure i’m always willing to help someone starting out. He said, i’m the owner of the company you will not be sorry.

    THIS IS THE BEST DAMN SAUCE I HAVE EVER HAD. I even told the store manager the same.

    Good luck and let me know when the new flavors come out.


  3. Nancy Miskowicz says:

    Love this sauce. I tried for myself and family and liked it so much that I bought a case to share with my clients and friends. There are a number of flavors all of which are delicious.

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