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The BBQ Pro Shop Test Kitchen is back and we are cooking up Voodoo Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwiches using a cast iron skillet to lock in the flavor on the shrimp! In this video we combine Heavy Smoke White Label All Purpose seasoning and Meat Church’s Holy Voodoo rub to create this Louisiana classic Shrimp Po’ Boy. The rub combination creates a versatile flavor that is a key part of southern cooking. Create this shrimp for use in any dish!

To get started, the Pit Masters shower the shrimp with the Heavy Smoke White Label AP Rub and Meat Church’s Holy Voodoo providing an even coating of both seasonings on the shrimp. Next, for cooking these Po’ Boys, the Pit Masters have prepared their M1 Grill from M Grills using the Santa Maria style by lifting the coals directly beneath a pre-heated cast-iron skillet. For the Pit Masters, the shrimp are done cooking once they have acquired a beautiful pink color, but also look for some charring to give the shrimp a “popping” crunch texture from the caramelized BBQ rubs. And with that amount of time on the grill, the shrimp will pick up that perfect smoky flavor profile that truly takes these Po’ Boys to #flavortown.

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