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Grilled Clams

This weekend we went to a family barbecue in Buffalo, NY and we were inspired!  Nothing says summer like fresh grilled shellfish.  We got our inspiration after watching our cousins “steam” clams on the grill.  They had a cooler filled with little neck clams and placed them directly on the grill over medium heat.  Once the clams are open, they are cooked.  Simply place the cooked clams in bowl and serve with hot sauce or a sprinkle of some Nantucket Off-Shore Bayou Rub.  It’s a crowd pleaser not to mention a great icebreaker.  Standing over a bowl of steaming hot clams is sure to get the conversation going.  Enjoy.

PRIMO27 From Spice Crafters on Grilled Salmon

PRIMO27 Grilled Salmon on GrillGrates Recipe

PRIMO27 From Spice Crafters on Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon with a Primo27 Original Blend Crust, Grill Marks Courtesy of GrillGrate

We love to grill Salmon and there is nothing better on salmon than a really complimentary spice rub. What we enjoy most from a spice rub is when you can buy them with or without salt, which is the case with Primo27 Original Blend from Spice Crafters Inc. The reason is simple, Salmon can often be overpowered by a salt and in many cases you want the delicious flavor of the fish to stand on it’s own.

GrillGrate Hard Anodized and GrillTool Kit

The rail design creates perfect sear marks every time.

We sprinkled this with a really nice dose of Primo27 Original Blend and were very happy with the results! When you use  a low sodium or salt free spice, you can really spice up the fish without worrying too much about it being overpowered by the salty and losing the flavor of the spice. In this case, you can see that the rub formed a nice crust when grilled, and this really added the flavorful crunch I love on my salmon.

As for grilling fish, and in this case grilling fresh salmon, many people worry about it sticking to the grill and ending up with a mess of fish. Since we upgraded to GrillGrates, we have not only seen a beautiful finished product, but it simplifies our life so much. We simply place the salmon across the grain of the GrillGrates and use their GrateTool to flip the vegetables and the salmon, the results were spectacular.  Here is a simple procedure to follow when grilling fresh fish.

Steps to Grill Fish

  1. Apply a light coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the outside of the fish. (Optional, but recommended)
  2. Apply a liberal coating of non-salty spice rub, so as to cover the fish completely. If the rub contains salt, just go easy.
  3. Heat up your grill and put the fish, skin side down, over the medium direct flame.
  4. Watch  for a while as the fish begins to cook from the bottom up, about 2 to 4 minutes in, check to see if the fish is ready to be flipped.
  5. Using Tongs, grab the fish and flip it over onto the other side to form a nice crust on the top layer and cook to your liking.