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This unique pulled pork recipe is absolutely scrumptious, if you’re a fan of spice— and of coffee— you will adore this pulled pork recipe. You can use this recipe on any cut of pork: pork tenderloin, pork chops, pork shoulder, or pork butt. This sauce makes about two cups, so adjust the amounts according to […]

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Pork roll sandwiches using Taylor Ham is a New Jersey staple. This salty, thin-sliced ham is irresistibly delectable, though not common in other parts of the country. One of our favorite recipes is a pork roll sandwich thrown on the grill. It’s easy, fast, and even tastier than you can imagine.  Ingredients 2 packages pork […]

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Make a delicious McRib sandwich with this re imagined combination of rubs and sauce for Pork Sliders. This is a perfect recipe for a backyard BBQ to show your friends and family what #FlavorTown is truly about! To Start things off, the Pit Masters season their ground pork with Heavy Smoke’s White Label Rub, which […]

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Hack's BBQ Sauce

Hack’s BBQ Sauce is a great BBQ Sauce for those who cannot tolerate the onions and peppers and delightful for those who just love BBQ. Hack’s is a thick and rich, tomato based, specialty sauce made by Stephen Dodd. Stephen created Hack’s BBQ Sauce in 1999 with the goal to eliminate onions and peppers from her diet […]