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From time to time, we get calls, and emails letting us know about the problems that people are having with BBQ-Pro grills, either looking for spare parts or fielding general complaints. BBQ Pro Shop is not affiliated in anyway with BBQ-Pro grills.

We are not a BBQ-Pro Grill Shop, we are THE BBQ Pro Shop and we’ve got plenty of smokers and grills as well as tools and accessories. We often tell people that they should either contact the place where they bought the grill and speak to them directly. We recommend that you do your best and purchase a high quality grill or smoker whenever possible. Primo Charcoal or Wood Burning Grills and Smokers as well as the Minden Grill Company for Gas Grills are a couple of our favorites.

Red Sky Grilling Products

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Red Sky Grilling Products

Recipe Courtesy of Red Sky

This one is hot off the presses, an email from Red Sky Grilling that I received just a few days ago. Thought that if the weather outside isn’t too frightful, then maybe a New Years Day treat for the visiting in-laws or relatives might just be the trick. Now I love Calzones and never even though to do this with my Red Sky Pizza Stone! Let alone, do the with breakfast fillings and have them to start the day! Here is the low down and some photos, courtesy of Ken Zisserson of Red Sky Grilling!

Here is the recipe and as a special promotion, BBQ Pro Shop is running a sale on the stones to help spread the word, comments are welcome, especially if you try the recipe!

Brunch Calzones on the Red Sky Pizza Stone

The first time we grilled a calzone on the Grilled Pizza Stone, we had no idea how amazing it would taste!  It’s a delicious crowd pleaser that can be served hot off the grill or made ahead of time and served at room temperature.  (You’ll enjoy it as next-day refrigerator leftovers, too!)

Breakfast is our favorite meal, and we couldn’t resist firing up the Red Sky Grilled Pizza Stone for a Sunday morning treat.  These calzones were very easy to make, and would be a perfect meal to serve hungry house guests for breakfast or a late morning brunch. The wood smoke from the grill really wakes up traditional breakfast ingredients!

Our objective was to create grilled breakfast calzones combining a raw egg with popular breakfast fillings like sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, etc. and cook the calzone to perfection on the Grilled Pizza Stone.

Sample Fillings

Breakfast sausage-browned in a sauté pan      

Bacon, thick cut-cooked                                        

Canadian bacon-sliced                                          

Ham (leftover holiday ham is a treat!)              

Chorizo – sliced and cooked in a sauté pan        

Southwestern style vegetarian pinto beans  

Sample Cheeses

Pepperjack (Monterey Jack with jalapeños)-shredded

Smoked Mozzarella-shredded

Extra Sharp Cheddar-shredded



Goat cheese


4 – 5 Extra large fresh eggs – cracked into a bowl, beaten slightly and seasoned with salt and pepper

Shredded cheese of your choosing

Prepared filling of your choosing

2 lbs fresh pizza dough divided into 7 – 8 balls about the size of a baseball.

Olive oil, salt and pepper

Flour for dusting work surface

Cornmeal for dusting platter

Pre-heat your Red Sky Grilled Pizza Stone. Add cheese to egg mixture and stir. Flour your work surface, roll out dough ball into a rough rectangular shape.  Season dough with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Add 3-4 tablespoons of filling to dough, then 3-4 tablespoons of cheese/egg mixture.

Fold the dough over the toppings.  To seal the edges, pinch and pull the dough with your fingers, all the way around.  Gently pick up the calzone, and transfer it to a cookie sheet or pizza peel sprinkled with cornmeal.

Red Sky Grilling Stone Brunch Calzone

Grilled Brunch Calzone

Carefully place the calzone onto the Grilled Pizza Stone, being careful not to touch the pizza stone, as it is very hot.

Replace the lid of the grill, and after approximately 5-7 minutes, flip the calzone using grill tongs.  Again, replace the lid of the grill, and grill another 5-7 minutes.  Use grill tongs to place the calzone on a plate and let it rest for 5 minutes.  Cut and serve hot!

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I want to start by saying that I feel like I am a purist, when I BBQ, I use real wood on my Primo XL Grill and I cook low and slow. When I grill on my gas grills, I use all natural ingredients and never use the smoker box. I am fortunate though, I have a big backyard, a deck, a Weber Kettle, two Weber Summit Gas Grills, and two Weber Smokey Joes. For those people that live in big cities without a deck or outdoor cooking space, the indoor Cameron Stovetop Smoker and the crock pot or broiler are all they have! So is using a BBQ method other than a grill or smoker cheating? I would think not.

A friend of mine opened my eyes to the magic of liquid smoke and although I prefer using a grill, I thought that this information could be useful to those people out there who may not know that liquid smoke is one of the best kept secrets out there. My good friend Jill one time told me that she made incredible pulled pork in her crock pot and I of course thought it would be a cheating in the highest form! I recently smoked pork butts for 16 hours and they were fantastic, how can a crock pot replicate that?

Thank you Heff for sending me this post called The Secret of Liquid Smoke that explains the science of liquid smoke and has a recipe for what they call “Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork“.  After reading the comments and the reviews on the article, it has opened my mind to the fact that BBQ is what you make it, and whether that is in your oven broiler, steamer or crock pot, you stick with it. Here are some of the Q&A from the article on Liquid Smoke, you can file this under “Bet you didn’t know…”

You can be forgiven for wrongfully accusing liquid smoke of nefarious fakey toxic chemicalness. Even chemists have been confused on this one. Back in June, Slashfood interviewed NYU chemistry professorKent Kirshenbaum, who–like you, me, Lynne Rossetto Kasper and everyone we know–had believed the worst about this cheap, sketchy sounding liquid.

Unlike the rest of us, however, Kirshenbaum actually went out and studied liquid smoke. He found that, despite its synthetic 1950’s aura, the stuff is perfectly natural.

What is liquid smoke?
Liquid smoke is very simply smoke in water. Smoke usually comes as a vapor, but there are ways to condense it and turn it into liquid and that liquid can then be carried in water.

How is it different from regular smoke?
Regular smoke is a vapor, and it is difficult to store.

Is one healthier than the other?
It seems that the liquid smoke can be substantially healthier because there are carcinogenic compounds that can be removed. A lot of the carcinogenic compounds [found in direct smoke from charcoal or wood] do not dissolve. But by dissolving the compounds into water, they can be removed.

So, it’s like a water bong?

So let me know what your “unorthodox” BBQ secrets are and how they worked. My first taste of “sublime” babybacks came from Jackie Shodo, a wonderful woman who used to stay with us when my parents went out of town. She made some fall off the bone ribs using maple syrup, brown sugar and the oven, so who am I to judge?

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Myron MIxon -  Jack's Old SouthOk, so I tuned into the first episode of BBQ Pit Masters on TLC and I must say that although it has hints of being overly dramatized, overall it was very entertaining and I loved the suspense of the awards ceremony and all the trials and tribulations of the various pitmasters. They had a great slice of total rookies, to great competitors all the way down to the team from California who were competing in a tourney with a couple of Weber Smokey Joes! Although I have never competed in a KCBS event, I have done a small local tournament once and found that the key ingredient to it all is this fellowship and friendly competition that surrounds an event like this.

There was quite a bit of chest thumping as well as a whole mess of ego in this first episode which was a little disturbing as I had hoped that they would capture the ying and yang of that love of BBQ and competition and not who was the best. But heck, with $10,000 at stake for the Grand Champion I suppose that for some, this is business and pride mixed in with the thrill of the competition.

I was totally mesmerized by Myron Mixon, of Jack’s Old South, who had more beeping in his private interviews and a style all his own! First off, loved his custom made grills, if anyone know whether he makes his own, would love to know. His style was the think that just dropped my jaw and let’s face it, he won the tournament so he BBQ’s to win and I just love that. First of, cooking on brickets with lighter fluid, and not just a squirt, I am talking lighter fluid! Johnny Triggs expressions were priceless and the fact that it did effect the flavor of the food, is a testament to his style.

Thought that this episode was a lot of fun and I look forward to watching some more. My hope is that rather than following the same people for tournament after tournament that they will spread their focus. There are just so many styles out there and when the end result is incredible BBQ, that is the magic of this sport!

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We have written a lot about brining on our blog in the past and Gretchen and I are big believers in brining, especially your thanksgiving turkey and we think that this is just a great video showing you how to do it right! We plan to cook two turkeys, one on the gas grill and one on the smoker, both will be brined!

Most of us will be cooking turkeys next week! Cookshack has prepared a video to show you our favorite way to prepare birds for smoking. Cookshack CEO Stuart Powell demonstrates how to brine your turkey for moist, tender results. The video is short, but includes what you need to know to smoke a turkey that family and friends will love. (Might want to smoke two of them!)