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Kreuz Market

The City of Lockhart is ground zero for texas BBQ or the BBQ Capital as they proudly proclaim themselves. There are four BBQ restaurants in Lockhart. The restaurants estimate that about 5,000 people visit their establishments each week. This would be roughly 250,000 people a year who eat BBQ in Lockhart. I was blown away with the history of the town that was shown on the Travel Channels Barbeque Paradise and the relationship between Smitty’s and Kreuz just smelled of history. Here is what the city’s website says about Kreuz:

Kreuz Market (pronounced ‘Krites’) located at 619 North Colorado Street might be the most unique dining experience you’ve ever had. The beef, sausage or pork is served on brown butcher paper. No side dishes here. But you can enjoy a slice of cheddar cheese, chunk of onion, fresh tomatoes, avocado and your favorite beverage. Don’t ask for barbecue sauce. They don’t have it and quite honestly are offended if anyone asks. The owners say, ‘good barbecue doesn’t need sauce.’

I was introduced to Keith Schmidt by my good friend Elizabeth Karmel, who is the developer of Grill Friends BBQ tools. She highly reccomends the Kreuz Jalapeno Cheese Sausage which I plan to smoke on my Primo Smoker in the next few weeks. I will also order some of their world famous Brisket to test it out. You can order on line and they will ship you  their food. Apparently, Texas is known for thier sausage as well and they are tied in a really special way. Stay tuned for a posting on how they turned out!

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