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I always thought that BBQ was more art than science, and then I started smoking meat as a hobby, low and slow you might say and soon learned about the BBQ Guru, which was where science was introduced into the mix. Low and slow is the way to go when grilling and the more you burn your BBQ, the worse it gets for you from a toxin standpoint. In other words, chemically altering the make up of the meat. Boing Boing featured an article Science of BBQing and after reading it, there is a whole lot going on and making sure that you keep your grilling as healthy as possible, I pulled out a few gems.

Other research-proven tricks for reducing HCAs, as noted in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, include using marinades, garlic and onion, said Risch. A marinade of red wine, for instance, can reduce the formation of HCAs by 88 percent, she noted. Although scientists aren’t sure exactly how these techniques work, moisture from marinades may ensure that the meat directly in contact with the grill remains at a relatively low temperature, she said.

HCA’s in BBQ meat can be bad, and to support the idea of good BBQ grilling practice she made this comment:

The amount of HCAs formed in grilled meats typically triples if meats are cooked well done rather than medium well, she noted.

So we recommend that you do not torch your meat, instead, use low and slow cooking methods as well as indirect cooking which truly changes the way that you can use your grill or smoker. Indirect cooking on the grill means moving the coals to the side of your BBQ grill or turning off some of your gas burners and cooking over the unheated surface.  The BBQ acts as an oven and still cooks the meat but you get a very moist end result in the meat or vegetables. The Grill Friends Grill Mat is an excellent way to cook indirect on the grill.

Also remember that “high” is not the only setting on your grill and that cooking the meat over white hot coals is not the only way to do it. I always cook chicken breasts, especially boneless breasts under medium heat and the end result is always very moist. Burgers can be the same, I usually heat the grill on High and then dial it down to medium for when I actually put the burgers on. All the grease usually flares up and provides enough extra heat that I get golden brown burgers every time.

There is a science to BBQ grilling, and the more you experiment, the better your artistic talents. Let’s face it, there is an art in science too.

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Our newest line of marinades from Gemori have been featured in Healthy Eating, Do I Really Want To Eat That? Healthy Eating is an on-line blog about eating health and the Gemori sugar free Teriyaki marinades are an important part of eating well as they contain no sugar. Take a look at the article here.

This is an excerpt from that post:

A friend of mine was telling me about a couple of her friends who have just recently started a business here in the Chicago area called Gemori Sauces & Rubs.  They make some absolutely fantastic sounding, all natural marinades, salsas, pasta sauces and hot sauces. And you know what?  They’re HEALTHY!

BBQ Pro Shop loves that we are mentioned in the article and we encourage you to support this line of products and give them a try. Gretchen and I have tried the Greek Marinade and the Teryaki and I must say that we are all out of Greek Marinade, only a couple of days later! We sell them at and hope you will try them today!

Elizabeth Karmel of Grill Friends and author of Soak Slathered & Seasoned

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Soak Slathered & Seasoned

Soak Slathered & Seasoned

Elizabeth Karmel is being featured on the AOL Food section talking about her new book, Soak, Slathered and Seasoned that shows you how to make your own rubs and marinades as well as teaches you some of the finer points of how to make your food taste great both on and off the grill.

Grill Friends Martini Shaker

Grill Friends Martini Shaker

“Do you marinate a different way? Karmel says that “a lot of cooking is about tradition. Keep doing it the way your mom or dad did it if it tasted good.”

The article also features her Martini Shaker which was something she came up with when she working on her new book. She needed someplace to mix and shake the marinades and her Martini Shaker w/ Classic Cocktail Based Marinades was born!

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Gemori Teriyaki Marinade

Gemori Teriyaki Marinade

We found Gemori Teriyaki and Gemori Greek Marinade at our local farmers market and asked if they would like to sell their marinades at BBQ Pro Shop. Cheryl’s husband is diabetic, and this created an interest in developing Gemori Teriyaki Marinade without the addition of sugar. The rest is history and now we have started carrying Gemori’s delicious marinade to share with you!

Gemori was established in July 2008 by three friends who all enjoyed cooking and were encouraged to bottle up their marinades and sauces for the masses.  The Founders of Gemori, Cheryl, Diane and Gail all completed the health board’s certification class for cooking, and realized that their products could be all natural with no additives or preservatives and sustain a minimum shelf life of nine months.  Gemori pasteurizes all their sauces and sterilizes the bottles. They only use all natural flavors so the marinades have a clean and fresh taste.

Gemori offers convenience and with more people wanting to eat at home, how much easier can it be than to take a

Gemori Greek Marinade

Gemori Greek Marinade

pound of chicken, or steak and place it in a bag overnight with some gourmet, homemade marinade? The next day, all you need to do is bring it out of the fridge, and put it onto the grill.  The Teriyaki Marinade has no sugar added, which we found to be a huge selling point. And the Greek Marinade is absolutely incredible, with fresh tasting lemon and just great flavor.

The Greek marinade is recommended on potatoes and veggies as well.   Both marinades are fabulous to baste on seafood and shrimp. Think Grecian Swordfish, shish kabobs on the Double Kabob Skewers or Teriyaki Shrimp. The possibilities are endless and we love endless possibilities! Gretchen and I marinated some chicken breasts last night and grilled them up slowly on the new Grill Grates and the result was absolutely perfect! Gemori Greek Marinade

We would not carry these if we didn’t think we were bringing you something unique and exciting. These marinades are special and when they start selling, the ladies have even more Gemori Marinades, Rubs and Salsas to add to our site. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for our review of the Teryaki Marinade, Gretchen and I are fanatics about Soy Vey’s Veri Teryaki and we are so excited to have an alternative to the super sweet marinade that we make our skirt steaks with.

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Gretchen and I fancy ourselves as BBQ Purists, love the charcoal, we do not make ribs in the oven, we grill more than we cook in our oven and if we can grill it, we grill it. So when Brad Barrett from Grill Grate in Georgia met with Mike Mills and Amy Tunicliffe in NYC back in June, we heard about his product and had to give it a try. Elizabeth Karmel spoke about them in a recent interview and that lit the fire so to speak, to get these on our web site.

Brad shipped us a sample and we put it together and had it on the grill in about five minutes. First Flip Grill GratesWe were cooking homemade Italian sausages and so we thought we would put it to the test. So we did and the results were spectacular! I have been cooking Poeta’s sausage for at least 25 years, a Highwood Illinois staple and this was by far the most juicy and perfectly cooked I had ever done it. We loved the product so much we placed an order and now carry the GrillGrate Hard Anodized Grill Grate Kit in Grill Grates on Weber Summit 450

So what is the idea behind this? Well Gretchen and I have a four burner and six burner Weber Summit 450 and 650 which we are so happy with and have been using for ten years as our go to gas grills. The only issue is that over the years of use, they develop hot spots or areas of the grill that get a lot hotter and cook a lot faster than other parts of the grill. So you are constantly rotating the food, and looking out for the food in the hot spot and rotating in the ones that have not cooked so well.

So the GrillGrate lays over the existing grate system on your grill and conducts the heat over the super conductive Aluminium GrillGrates and gives you an even heat that gets the hottest at the tip of the grate. So you get really professional looking grill marks and because of the raised grate, you can access the food from underneath it and you are not “scraping” the food off the grate with your spatula. In fact, the GrillGrate Hard Anodized Grill Grate Kit includes a spatula called the GrateTool that makes it even easier to flip fish, burgers, chicken, ravioli and even bacon, yes bacon on the grill.

This technology makes burning your meat a thing of the past and helps you to avoid the flare ups from marniades and or greasy and uses that juicy to cook right back into the meat. The panels interlock and extra Grill Grate Panels are sold seperatly so that you can actually cover any grill surface with the grates. You can slide them together or remove them to fit your needs and grill surface size which we loved them. GrillGrate ConvectionBrad tells me that he has professional teams using them and from the looks of his photo gallery, you can cook just about anything on the grill!