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We recently purchased our first off set smoker and have been watching a bunch of videos on how to cook brisket on an offset smoker. Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ really knocked this one out of the park, doing a great job of trimming the brisket so it would cook well on an offset smoker. We were even more excited to see that they used Killer Hogs TX Brisket Rub to season the brisket. Killer Hogs recently launched TX Brisket Rub so that you can cook big Texas style briskets right in your backyard. Swine Life BBQ demos this new rub smoking a brisket on an Outlaw Hybrid Stick Burner. Check out this video below, we loved the video showing how to smoke a brisket on an offset smoker. 

We are selling the new Killer Hogs TX Rub and all of Malcom Reed’s products from Killer Hogs BBQ on our site

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Fresh on the heels of the success of Moo’d Enhancer, Flavor Anonymous has created a new pork rub and brine that is sold on line exclusively as BBQ Pro Shop. The Cure is a rub and of course a curing salt that will boost the flavor on whatever you put it on. It was designed for pork and works well with poultry, beef and even fish! Try this rub out on pork ribs and watch this great instructional video with Pitmaster Shane D and Dylan Lipe. Check out the video and learn more. Links are below on where you can buy it. Now Shipping!

The Cure and other Flavor Anonymous rubs are available for purchase on


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From the husband-and-wife BBQ team in Scottsdale, Arizona, Loot N’ Booty has created an everything rub that hits all right corners of your taste pallet. This rub won the hearts of the judges at the 2016 Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Championship and it will win yours too. Whether you’re hosting a quiet backyard BBQ or competing for a grand championship, this rub will deliver the flavor you need! The Everything Rub is coming from a line of BBQ that has been recognized by Old World Spices and is part of their American Royal Championship Rub Line. Checkout Champion Pitmaster Sterling Smith in this video where he demos the Everything Rub on a slab of ribs. Also be sure to check out Loot N’ Booty’s Gold Star Chicken Rub and Loot N’ Booty’s What’s Your Beef? Rub at BBQ Pro Shop.

Loot N’ Booty’s Everything Rub and other Loot N’ Booty Rubs are available for purchase at 


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Flavor Anonymous is producing a high quality beef rub that you need to get your hands on. It’s called Moo’d Enhancer and it sure does enhance the mood of all your beef cooks! It is an incredibly versatile rub that can be used on steak and briskets, but also pork and chicken! There really isn’t anything this rub won’t taste amazing on! When used right it produces a thick crispy bark sparkling with flavor. Check out Pitmaster Shane D, the man responsible for this rub,  and Dylan Lipe in an instructional video for cooking the best grilled steak in the world!

Moo’d Enhancer and all Flavor Anonymous Rubs are available for purchase on


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For years we have been looking the solution used in all of Malcom Reed’s How To BBQ Right Video’s for the best way to create that bark we are looking for on our brisket, pork shoulder, or BBQ Ribs. After doing a bunch of research, we found this spray bottle on Amazon that checks all the boxes. See below for ordering information.