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Best BBQ Gloves for Grilling, Smoking and Fire

Below we share with you our top picks for BBQ Gloves to help you handle meat, hot coals and protect your hands.

As the owner of BBQ Pro Shop, we often get asked a lot of questions about what we recommend and use ourselves. Many years ago, we made the switch to focus on finding the best BBQ Rubs, Grill Seasonings, Seasoned Salts and Sauces and stepped away from the world of BBQ gear. However, as an avid griller and smoker, we wanted to share with you the BBQ Gloves that have done us so right over the years!

  1. Tending Fires and Coals – When we started to use a chimney starter and deal with indirect cooking, we needed an all-purpose BBQ glove to help make sure we did not burn our hands when dumping coals, or setting grates onto the grill. We suggest buying welding gloves, you can buy them on Amazon or at your local Home Depot or Hardware store and they are perfect all-purpose gloves for grilling over hot coals as well. That way when they get soot and soiled, you will know to use them only for tending the flame.
  2. Pulling Pork and Handling Meat– For many years we have grilled or smoked our turkeys and handling those off the grill is never easy. That is why we wear Oil Shield, insulated NeoPrene BBQ gloves with 14″ sleeves. It allows for maximum comfort when handling a 20 LB turkey hot off the grill, as well as pork shoulders, and 18# briskets. Your hands and arms stay safe and they have a great grip on the meat as well. We often use BBQ Gloves to pull pork butts and shoulders as well remove bones.
  3. Rubbing or Seasoning Meat– We go to Costco and buy two packs of nitrile gloves which can be bought on Amazon or in most drug store chains. These are great all purpose BBQ Gloves for handling meat, applying rub, trimming and placing raw meat on the grill or smoker. They are disposable so helps avoid cross contamination on different meats. Love to use them when carving, serving or slicing, they add a layer of food safety and keep your hands from getting too greasy and smelling like whatever you touched last.

Below are some links to our favorite products on Amazon, with these three suggestion in your BBQ and Grilling toolbox, your hands will be safe and you can better enjoy what you do!

Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves

BBQ Gloves: Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves

Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves

Premium Nitrile Plus Gloves (6/Pack)

Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves are everything that regular Nitrile gloves are not! These are Premium Nitrile Plus gloves that are FDA Food Service Approved made with Non-Latex Allergens and Textured for dry or wet grip. The Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves are made by Grease Grip Gloves, are powder free, and have a superior strength over regular Nitrile gloves so that they will last while you trim, prep, rub and load the smoker. BBQ Pro Shop carries these in both Large and Extra Large!

Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves have a unique textured finish that helps you grip utensils, rub shakers, meat and anything else that you need to grab while grilling or smoking. Six pairs of gloves per pack. These are not flame resistant and should be used with care around fire or

Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves

Textured for Dry or Wet Grip


Bad Dads BBQ Pit Grillin Gloves are great for BBQ cooking, camping cook outs, tailgating, or just plain grilling. We bought these with the Pitmaster in mind. After watching BBQ Pit Masters on TLC, we noticed that Myron Mixon was wearing some really cool black gloves. These were not the same ones, but we found these to be a lot more rugged and better performing than the standard Nitrile Gloves we bought at Costco.