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This unique pulled pork recipe is absolutely scrumptious, if you’re a fan of spice— and of coffee— you will adore this pulled pork recipe. You can use this recipe on any cut of pork: pork tenderloin, pork chops, pork shoulder, or pork butt. This sauce makes about two cups, so adjust the amounts according to […]

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Grilled Alaskan salmon is rich in flavor and flaky in texture. There are several types of Alaskan salmon to choose from, but sockeye salmon is usually preferred for its non-fishy taste. Try out this delicious Alaskan salmon sauce that’s mild enough to taste the salmon while adding a sweet and tangy zest. If you’re watching […]

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The National Barbecue Association held it’s annual conference for 2014 in San Marco, TX and as the BBQ Pro Shop does every year, we like to recognize the Product, Rub and Sauce partners who placed in the Top 5 this year and  use this as an opportunity to find new products that we should add […]