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“Beer Can” Chicken on the Grill Friends Porcelain Chicken Sitter

Moist tender chicken on the inside and yummy crispy skin on the outside.

This is almost a weekly meal in our house. It’s a healthy meal that everyone eats and doesn’t take too long to cook. After you’ve made it once, you’ll never purchase a grocery store rotisserie again!  The Grill Friends Porcelain Chicken Sitter Stand heats up and gives way to a moist tender chicken on the inside and yummy crispy skin on the outside.

1 4-5 pound roasting chicken, preferably Amish or Kosher or Organic

1 Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends Porcelain Chicken Sitter Stand

3 tablespoons of favorite dry spice rub recipe, divided

Olive oil

Kosher salt and freshly-ground pepper

Liquid to fill Chicken Sitter; water, apple juice, beer, white wine

Grilling Method: Indirect/Medium Heat

Remove neck and giblets and pat dry chicken with paper towels.

Brush chicken all over with oil and season with 2 tablespoons dry rub or simply salt and pepper. Set aside.

Fill Chicken Sitter about ¾ of the way full with any liquid, beer, water, apple juice, white time. Also sprinkle one tablespoon of dry rub inside the Chicken Sitter as well. Place Chicken Sitter in center of cooking grate and move legs apart so the body cavity slides over the top of the Chicken Sitter. The chicken will appear to be “sitting” on the grate.

Cook chicken for 1 – 1½ hours or until the internal temperature registers 165ºF in the breast area and 180ºF in the thigh. Remove from grill and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.

Note: When removing from grate, be careful not to spill contents of Chicken Sitter, as it will be very hot. Use a pair of locking tongs and grab the bottom of the beer can and place on a platter or cutting board to cool.

Recipe adapted from www.elizabethkarmel.com


Beer Can Chicken Sitter

Grill Friends Chicken Sitter: A Convert!

Grill Friends Chicken Sitter Stand 5

Grill Friends Chicken Sitter Stand 5", aka Beer Can Chicken Sitter

Bill Mehlios is a pro and a close friend of BBQ Pro Shop. (Not to mention, a great customer too!) Bill of Chi-Town Smokers, inventor of Heads Red BBQ Sauce and a Grand Champion BBQ Pitmaster, tried the Grill Friends Chicken Sitter Stand and had rave reviews for the beer can chicken replacement! Bill found out what creator Elizabeth Karmel and BBQ Pro Shop have known for quite some time. Frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Here is what Bill Mehlios had to say:

Wow! I’m sold…i could barely pick the bird up off the grill ..as moist as slow smoked pork..its resting now while the Greek sides cook..I did steal a piece of breast meat and like you say even though it was well past 160 its moist as hell. It also cooked quicker than normal as well.

I tried the beer can method in the past and was never impressed..but the sitter works quite well, Sure ..you can quote me. Another nice thing on the sitter is being porcelain it really cleans up well & fast. Next time im gonna try my Greek style chicken on the sitter..with some white wine and lemon!

Gretchen and I have been using the Grill Friends Chicken Sitter Stand as a replacement for Beer Can chicken for a long time.  We usually either brine the chicken overnight or just coat the chicken in olive oil (makes for a crispy skin), squeeze a fresh lemon all over the whole chicken, sprinkle on some Sarah’s Provencal Sea Salt, fill the chicken sitter with water or white while, place the chicken on the sitter  and throw it on our Gas Weber grill under indirect Heat (Medium-Off-Medium) or on our Primo Smoker when we want smokey, charcoal flavored chicken.  We find that in 30 to 45 minutes, you have juicy chicken, crispy on the outside, flavorful and tender on the outside.

We found that the porcelain base, conducts the heat up through the chicken and also boils the liquid inside the sitter so that you bring heat and cook the bird from the inside out. Surrounding the bird in dry heat. I used the chicken sitter in a competition cook and although you only serve the thighs, it makes for a great lunch and our chicken took 3rd out of 18 teams!