White Lightning 5 LB Bag | Boars Night Out

White Lightning 5 LB Bag | Boars Night Out

The Gospel All Purpose BBQ Rub (14 oz) | Meat Church BBQ

The Gospel All Purpose BBQ Rub (14 oz) | Meat Church BBQ

Johnny Joseph Steak Rub

Johnny Joseph Steak Rub

White Lightning 5 LB Bag | Boars Night Out

Gourmet blend of seasoning that makes everything taste better. Brings out the best in grilled meats and vegetables. Award-winning flavor combination used by The Boars Night Out BBQ team. Perfect belnd of garlic, sugar, and spice.

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Factory Team Review

White Lightning wakes up my tongue with a sweet, buttery black-pepper kiss. Use as a standalone grilling seasoning, or mix a little into your favorite profile to turbocharge it. Use as a light base layer for BBQ, or sprinkle it on late for a special pop. Best argument ever for MSG.

Mr. Freak CopyMr. Freak
Ms. Freak CopyMs. Freak

This magic dust squeezes more flavor out of anything you’re cooking, from delicate fish to bold beef. Dramatic opening pop of salt, butter and sweet garlic, with a mild finishing heat that makes everything better. A staple in every collection. Try it on popcorn!

Boar's Night Out® White Lightning is a must-have, all purpose flavor enhancer for smoking and grilling. This beyond unique seasoning blend from Boar's Night Out is the perfect balance of herbs and spices with a bit of sweet sugar. The mix of the sugar and garlic truly brings out the flavors of pork, beef, chicken, fish, and all of your veggies. Boar's Night Out White Lightning Grill Seasoning is used by the Boars Night Out competitive grilling team and most recently was used to win the World Championship Steak Competition.

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