Stainless Steel Side Shelves for PR368 Cart

Primo Cast Iron Divider For XL Oval Firebox 334

Primo 313 Roaster Drip Pan Racks for Primo Oval JR, 2 per Box

Stainless Steel Side Shelves for PR368 Cart

Roaster Drip Pan Rack (Set of Two) for Oval Junior
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The Primo Roaster Drip Pan Rack was designed to prevent food drippings from getting on coals, this drip pan rack was designed to accommodate most foil pan. Simply place any foil pan on this grate and collect the juice drippings! It also allows you to place the Ceramic Heat Deflector on them for use to deflect the direct heat. We sell these in a set of two which works great for ribs or brisket. You can always remove one and use half the smoker. This has been a life saver in using it to prevent flair ups and also prevents the coals underneath from cooking the meat directly. Filling the aluminum drip pans with water also adds moisture to the smoke! Fits the Oval Junior

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