Willingham's Cajun Hot Rub

Willingham's Cajun Hot Seasoning (13.5oz)

Willingham's Original Mild Barbecue

Willingham's Original Mild Rub (13.5oz)

Willingham's Cajun Hot Seasoning (13.5oz)

Willingham's Cajun Hot Seasoning has just the right amount of heat over the mild version. The Willingham's site rates the HEAT SCALE (1-10): 6 but we have find it to be relatively mild and just slightly more spicy than the mild.
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Willingham’s Cajun Hot delivers a strong Worcestershire sauce effect followed by a big, spicy Cajun kick. A smack of lemony tartness balances the heat and keeps it from lighting you up completely. This addictive seasoning is great on boiled shrimp and makes a great Bloody Mary rimmer.

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A nice departure from classic BBQ flavors. Starts out a little tangy with a bit of sweetness, and there’s depth of savory flavor that goes beyond garlic and onion. The heat level is smoldering and steady, but it stops short of being an all-out assault on your tongue.

Willingham's Wham Cajun Hot Seasoning is a blend of Original Mild and Hot Stuff. Willingham's Cajun Hot Seasoning gives you just the right amount of heat over the mild version, this is nothing crazy but gives you some kick. The site rates the HEAT SCALE (1-10): 6

Salt, Sugar, Sodium Diacetate, corn starch, spices, dextrose, onion, garlic, tomato, and less than 2% of the followingL: natural and artificial flavors, carmel color, malic acid, citric acid, silicon dioxide and calcium stearate (anti-caking) torula yeast, MSG and Guar gum.
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