Introducing the Grilled Pizza Stone from Red Sky Grilling


Red Sky Grilling's Grilled Pizza Stone

Red Sky Grilling's Grilled Pizza Stone

BBQ Pro Shop has always been a big believer in grilling pizza and are proud to now carry the Grilled Pizza Stone! Red Sky Grilling’s Grilled Pizza Stone is specifically designed for a 22 ½” Weber kettle grill and the Grilled Pizza Stone works great on gas grills too. The Grilled Pizza Stone’s unique shape and material is what hooked us. We had not seen anything like it and what makes us the happiest is the “D” shape design that allows you to get airflow in around the pizza when using a Weber Kettle, Primo Jr or even in a gas grill.

Red Sky Grilling’s Grilled Pizza Stone  is designed to perform without cracking at temperatures approaching 2300°F. The Grilled Pizza Stone is thicker than conventional pizza stones; it is made from an exclusive and unique heat resistant compound. Just like an old-world clay or brick oven, the Grilled Pizza Stone’s material draws moisture from your pizza’s dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust, cheese that gets bubbling hot, and your toppings are heated through.

The design also takes the smoke into account and when used in conjunction with a hinged grill grate, adding a wood chunk to your grill is a breeze. By introducing smoldering wood into the cooking process you get a subtle, yet distinct old-world style pizza oven taste. The technique to grill great pizza couldn’t be simpler. Stay tuned for a future blog post about the experience we are going to creat using the stone on our Primo XL. We are excited about the possibility of using it on half the grill so we can tend the smoke and coals with the other half!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Grilled Pizza Stone from Red Sky Grilling

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  2. Daniel

    Hi I am after the d shape pizza stone, can you please tell me how much it is and do you post to Australia

  3. jfb Post author

    You would need to check with the manufacture of the Red Sky Pizza Stone, we have not carried it for a while, shipping was expensive and did not work to continue to drop ship it. Great product, we still use ours and just love how easy it is to reload the coals with the “D” shape! Sorry we couldn’t help.

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