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Fire Dancer BBQ

We are very excited to have the Fire Dancer BBQ line of bbq rubs and seasoning from the Fire Dancer BBQ competition team, Food Truck and Catering services. Fire Dancer BBQ is based out of Bryant, Arkansas where they compete in sanctioned KCBS BBQ contests known very well in the Southwest and Deep South. Fire Dancer BBQ sells Championship Quality Que from our Food Truck and Catering Events and uses their own brand of spice rubs in order to wow their customers.

You may have seen their now world famous chicken rub, great on poultry or your competition BBQ Thighs. You may have seen the Malcom Reed of How To BBQ Right and Killer Hogs BBQ YouTube video fame. They cooked competition chicken using Fire Dancer BBQ rubs. Fire Dancer BBQ has been traveling the United States, competing on 'The Circuit' since 2012, winning grand championships and awards. We think all of the rubs are some of the best out there and we hope you agree!​

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