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Flaps 20

Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs are front and center in all Travis Pattersons Award Winning competition cooking, try them for yourself! Flaps Up BBQ originated in Mobile Alabama as a competition barbecue team in 2018. Since then, we've competed in competition circuits along the Gulf Coast like The Kansas City Barbeque Society, BBQ Competitors Alliance, Steak Cookoff Association, and many more. Travis is the award-winning BBQ Pitmaster of the Flaps Up BBQ team, leveraging his 25 plus years of experience to bring the world Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs that he uses in all his competition cooking with the awards to prove it! Caray has secured her Golden ticket for 2021 on the SCA Circuit and has been dialing up the flavors using Flaps 20 in her award winning cooks.

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