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Big D's Q

Big D loves to cook and teach others his tricks he has learned over 30 years in the competitive BBQ cook offs winning on the biggest stages. Known for his YouTube Channel, “Big D’s Q’s”, where he shares his favorite recipes. Big D grew up on a farm in West Tennessee, watching his granddad cook whole hog over hot ashes and feels that is still the best BBQ a person can eat.

In 2002, Big D was part of the team that won the Jack Daniel's International Grand Championship cooking whole hog with the Jamaican team and won a Reserve Grand Champion in 2003 and 2004 cooking whole hog. Big D has cooked in the Caribbean, Europe, and some of the most luxurious locations in the world to train chefs.

Big D began to mix his own spices, sauces and rubs which has become a winning combination across the United States and internationally. His team has returned to the Memphis in May stage for both shoulder, Grand Championships, and Reserve Grand Championships. Using his line of Big D's BBQ rubs and sauces, he is the Mississippi State Chicken Championship and the Mississippi State Championship in ribs and brisket.

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