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Five venison rubs for an "Oh Deer!” flavor fest

As every hunter knows, grilled venison steaks are a healthy alternative to traditional beef steaks and a fantastic source of iron and protein. Some even say the earthy, gamey, slightly sweet flavor is a big part of the attraction, requiring little mo

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2022 is shaping up to be The Year of Flavor. Lucky for you, because as the BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team, flavor is what we’re all about!So far, we’ve run about 300 seasonings through our Flavor Guide evaluation and testing criteria. That’s a lot of flav

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Burnt Finger BBQ Competition Pit Bean Recipe

Burnt Finger BBQ, is the creator of the World Famous Bacon Explosion, and has shared an AWARD WINNINGrecipe for our competition pit beans. This recipe has continually taken Burnt Finger BBQ on walks for awards across the world's biggest BBQ contest

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Brisket Bonanza: Flavors for an Epic Beef Experience

Brisket can be a tricky protein to master, but one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is flavor.A good brisket seasoning does more than just add flavor. It also builds a beautiful bark that helps lock in that flavor to get you on your way toward

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